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An AMAZING Toddler Snack Cup!: MUNCHIE MUG
Tyler Junior just started using this AWESOME snack cup! If you are a parent and tired of snacks flying all over out of the other "snack cups", try this one! It's awesome!! 

Health & Nutrition for Your Child
I'm at the stage now, where I'm thinking about a chewable vitamin for Tyler Jr. so I started doing some research on some things and found out some interesting information. I recently had a friend bring in a Nutrilite Kid's chewable multi-vitamin to her Pediatrician to get his opinion. He was very impressed that this chewable had a pretty rare ingredient. Aside from the Vitamin A, C, D, E, K (and tons more), the first ingredient on the list was Xylitol. He actually told my friend that he prescribes Xylitol to mom's who want to help AVOID their kids from getting ear infections. I thought that was pretty awesome! I also found some other info online that said it helped reduce cavities as well. Cool! I'm sure ya'll do your own research, but just thought I'd share mine. 

Nutrilite Kids Multitarts (item #104276) - MultiTarts are packed with 19 vitamins and minerals, plus four all-natural and unique fruit concentrates. 60 tablets - $16.95 (so for Tyler Jr, that would last OVER 4 months since I would cut one in half for him since he's one.)
- Children (ages 2-4) or who are able to chew well can have ONE chewable/ day, and kids over 4 years old & Adults can have TWO/day. 

You can get them at:

Here's some additional info I found online: 
** Xylitol is a great option for those that are seeking to avoid ear infections. This naturally occurring substance has proven to reduce the incidence of ear infection in those that have a history of them. The substance is derived from raspberries as well as plums and is a naturally occurring sweetener. Not only is it effective, Xylitol has no addictive components, which is so very important to many consumers! (
** Xylitol helps reduce cavities. Xylitol reduces the amount of bacteria and the formation of dental plaque. It is now being used to sweeten some chewing gums and mints, and unlike sugar, it's good for your teeth. Found in many fruits and plants, xylitol is also produced by our bodies during metabolism. (

Hope this helped! :)

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