About Me

What are some interesting tidbits about me? Well... let me let YOU into my life a little bit... here are some random fun things: 

  • I love raw chocolate chip cookie dough.
  • I keep extra chocolate chips in my freezer.... just in case I need a few little pieces of chocolate. 
  • I like reading by lamp light. It seems more quaint and fun.
  • I met my husband on a mission trip in England. July 7th, 1998. I have been in love with him since July 13th, 1998... the day the Lord told me that I was going to marry him. Two years later, July 13th, 2000 he asked me to marry him. 
  • I married my best friend!
  • I love being a mom. It's so funny to spy on my boy and listen to him talk in his bed. 
  • My wedding ring in a heart. Awww. :)
  • I enjoy music! Singing, listening, dancing! :) 
  • I have a PASSION for speaking. I have never felt more alive than being in front of a crowd sharing my heart. 
  • I like silk pajama's. 
  • I take baths, not showers. (TMI?? :-/ )
  • I prefer the pool over the beach. I don't like getting sandy. 
  • I like to snow ski.
  • I love giving gifts to people. I love to see them smile. To see them happy and enjoy it. 
  • I enjoy receiving gifts! It's my love language from The Five Love Languages
  • Every once in awhile, Tyler brings me a butterfinger candy bar... you would've thought he hung the moon. 
  • I'm a dreamer and an extreme optimist.
  • I LOVE my in-laws! They are definitely in-laws instead of out-laws! :)
  • I believe strongly in the POWER of your words.
  • I cry when people get saved. 
  • I enjoy writing. I love words just pouring out from a keyboard, and making sense. 
  • I don't "completely" claim to be perfect at all grammar and spelling. Especially with my "their" and "there". My mom keeps trying to make me understand. 
  • I spell-check books I read. hehe! It's exhilarating when I find a correction. I circle it and write "SP". (like I'm going to submit it to someone or something!?)
  • I often don't PROOF-READ my own writing (funny, huh?!), so occasionally you'll see mis-spelled words!
  • I love receiving revelations from the Lord. 
  • I am wearing pig tail braids as I write this. 
  • We are going to have four kids. Tyler Jr, Trinity Faith, Timothy Isaac Josiah, and Taylor Liberty. 
  • I had an awesome childhood and teen years. I had so much fun with my sisters and brother. What great memories we had at the lake, and on the ski slopes. I feel extremely blessed. 
  • I love colors. 
  • My mom's mashed potatoes are my favorite. She makes a JAM-UP roast too! I almost always get it when I come home. :) I'm a bit spoiled, but I love it!
  • I like flowers. I feel like "atmosphere" is everything. Especially when I'm having my Quiet Time. 
  • My two main personality types??? I'm a sanguine. And... despite what some people think... I have a lot of phlegmatic tendencies. But... I'd like to think that I'm becoming pretty well-rounded with some melancholy & choleric tendencies too! (Personality Plus by Florence Littweiler)
  • I enjoy taking pictures & editing them. 
  • I LOVE to hear my boy laugh. It is so funny. 
  • I enjoy being outside... and I like to run. (I guess.) :) 
  • I want to go to the Mediterranean.
  • I had a Winter Dream wedding with lots of snow & a REALLY fun white coat with fur around it. :) 
  • Right NOW, I am pursuing my goals and dreams. I am confident about achieving them. 
Those are all random bits of information. Other than that... I have enjoyed being married for going on 10 years. It has felt like a 10 year honey moon. We own our own business, so are continuing to grow and stretch every day. We love helping people, especially bringing mommy's home from work so that they can be MOMMY's! What I would consider the most important job on the planet! And after mommy's come home, if the daddy wants to come home too, we are JACKED about bringing daddy's home from work. 

I was a school teacher. I taught K-5 Spanish, middle school Spanish 1 & Spanish 2, 6th grade Bible, 7th Bible & 8th Bible. What did I learn from that? I LOVED TEACHING! What a great bunch of students I had, they brought so much joy into my life. But.... what did I learn? What did the Lord teach me through that experience. That yes, my passion is teaching... but my passion is teaching from stage. My passion is teaching at conferences, leadership events, youth rallies, women's retreats. My passion is to TEACH, but from a stage versus the classroom. I enjoy teaching through writing. Getting things down in black and white. 

I also did Merchant Service Corporate sales for a bank. My best year in sales, with the Lord's help I brought in $18 million in new business. I handled a portfolio of??? I have no idea! A LOT! Probably in the 100's of millions. 

Praise the Lord, because HE is our source and since we have owned our own business on the side for 8 years now, I was able to resign from my position in Corporate America to be a full time wife, mom, business partner, author, speaker while pursuing becoming the Proverbs 31 woman. 

Two of my first books include: 
Fairytale's Do Come True (completed - in editing process)
The Proverbs 31 Woman - The Journey of Becoming the Ultimate Woman (in the process)
Other than that..... I ULTIMATELY LOVE life! I LOVE everything about my life! And the main reason? I have learned to walk by faith. I have learned that FAITH is not FRUSTRATED. God has orchestrated my steps to get right where I am at, right now. As I continue to listen, and seek Him, HE will cause my steps to become agreeable with HIS will, so that MY plans are established and succeed. Because of that reason, I can enjoy EVERY day without frustration. 

I am excited to see if our paths cross more than just in this blog... if they do, I am delighted. If they do not, my prayer is that you will be blessed by the words you read here. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey. 

        Amy J.

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