Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Beginning of a Journey

Well here I sit, embarking on a new journey. It's quiet, I just hear the buzzing of the refridgerator. Tyler is in his office and Tyler Jr, whom we often refer to simply as, "the boy", is sleeping soundly.

I am so excited about this phase that I am living in RIGHT NOW! I'm excited about living in THE NOW! I have been guilty in the past of "living in the future" and not enjoying the present. Since the birth of our son in November 2009 and resigning from my job in Corporate America in February 2010, I feel as if I have a new lease on life! I no longer dread the days, or the phone calls, cranky bankers, problems with credit card machines, too many referrals to stay caught up in a timely fashion or rushing in to work before I get too many emails or calls from my boss.

Now.... May 2010... a common day looks like this..... wake up around 7:30, 8, 8:30.... or frankly whenever.... slip into my soft fuzzy slippers, brush my teeth, wash my face and head downstairs. Pour myself a cup of Kahve coffee that my husband has "already made", add my French Vanilla or Hazelnut (sugar-free) creamer until it is a nice blonde shade, move into the living room couch, snuggle up into a blanket, crack open my Bible, journal and planner.....and there.....right there, it all begins! For the next hour to hour & 1/2, I am able to just spend time in the Word....meditating, studying, journaling & listening to the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit. After studying my daily Proverbs & meditate on Proverbs 31, I transfer the verses that jumped out at me into my planner. Then, I list out my "to-do" items in my planner, plan out my day.... and by that time.... 11:00-11:30, THE BOY.... is finally stirring and ready to get up and eat!! YES, he sleeps THAT LONG!! My little Rock star boy who lets mommy have a WHOLE morning to herself.... and there starts my day.

Come along and follow with me as I embark on the journey of seeking God and being led daily by His Voice......

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