Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I wanted to ask a quick question.... I will be going to a writers conference later in the year with lots of publishers and fun stuff like that. Could you do me a favor?? 

Answer me this question:
What are some of your favorite "devotions" that you've read on this blog? Could you give me either your favorite or Top 3-5 favorites? 
It would be SUPER helpful! I have to bring a few to the writers conference so I would love your feedback & help!


Make sure to read today's devotion:


tFab said...

Hi Amy!

One of your devotions that impacted me was "Free From Doubt." I think a lot of people struggle with this and I love how transparent you are! I also, really enjoyed "Google or God." Once I read that, I was like "duh, why am I not doing this more?" So, now it is in the back burner of my mind when things arise! Both devotionals were very impactful. Thanks for all you do!

Alison Jordan said...

Some favorite blog days are 3/18/11; 1/18/11; and 10/12/10 - love the blogs esp that are about listening to the Holy Spirit and journaling/quiet time. THose encourage me to work on my own quiet time. Thanks!

jburton said...

Loved "My God Shall Supply" and "Live In The Now". You have an AWESOME talent in writing...we see the real YOU in your writing.

Amy J. McCart said...

Tina- Thank you! "Google or God" was one of my favorites too! And "Free from Doubt" was definitely a God-revelation for me. Thanks for your feedback! I may take one of those with me to the conference! :) And I'm glad "transparency" is good. I'm definitely just like everyone else with a lot of the same things going on in life. It's great going on this journey with you! Thanks again. - Amy

Alison -
I'm interested to go re-read those dates! Thank you for your feedback! It seems like "Listening to the Holy Spirit" has been a re-occurring theme that the Holy Spirit has kept bringing up! I'll be praying for you as you go deeper into your Quiet Times! :) Bless u! - Amy

JT- Thanks! I will have to go re-read those too! "Live in the Now" has been a REAl revelation to us still. Just enjoying every day! Thanks for your support and feedback. You and Sara are special people to us! :) Bless u! - Amy

Tarra said...

Hey! "Google or God" , "Roll Yourself Onto the Lord" , "Victory is Yours if You'll Trust" , "A Man will Do More and Be More When" , and "Faithful No Matter the Cost". All very helpful, encouraging,and have hit home with me personaly. Thanks :)

Tarra said...

Also must say...I enjoy your blogs because you are real. You're real-your kind spirit shines through, encouraging, you point always to following the Holy Spirit which is something I'm working on, and I just feel like so many hit home with me. It's almost as if you are personaly mentoring me through your blogs ha.


Connie said...

Amy I love them all! My 3 favorites so far are: "call these things so" and I never kept a headache for long because of it!; "a pursuit of fervor" and can now live every moment to the fullest as I know victory is sure! and "free from condemnation" which has lifted me from the pits of despair to the heights of joy in Christ's work on the cross!

Renee said...

A Pursuit of Fervor! That talked to me in my situation. I lost my car because my transmission blew and I have 35.00 in my bank account but I know my Lord is taking care of it... HE knows what HE is doing. I have Victory over my situation. YOUR blogs speak to me everyday. I pray for something the next day.. BAM... HE answers me from your blog. You are anointed my Amy and I look forward to your blog everday! Love you!!

Amy J. McCart said...

Thank you for sharing! And I feel honored that these blogs would help you on your path! You are definitely a special person and I know God has placed great gifts inside of you! I'm excited to watch him work in your life! Thanks again for your continual positive and upbeat spirit! xoxo!

Amen! Awesome to hear that the WORD is working on your behalf! Isn't amazing when we learn things, receive revelations that it changes things! PTL! :) FREEDOM! Thanks for sharing! :)

Amen & Thank you! I'll be praying for you and your situation! Dig in, sink your teeth in the Word, get down and dirty! YOUR answers are there and YOUR GOD is ready to provide for YOU! He loves you and YOU are HIS DAUGHTER! It says, SEEK as for Hidden Treasure! He has your answers, you just got to Pursue with Fervor!
love you girl! xoxo,

Kimberly Bestul said...

ADD "I am Victorious, I Fear Not" to the list!!!

Kimberly Bestul said...



I also like...
*Power of a Card 8.26.10
*Go Ahead and Cry 8.30.10 **
*Keep on your Lamp 8.5.10
*Don't STAY Down! 12.7.10 **
*GET VIOLENT! 12.13.10

i <3 u!!

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