Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Leviticus 6:13 - The fire must be kept burning on the altar continuously; it must not go out. 
Revelations 3:16 - So, because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth!
It really wasn't that long ago, we have grandparents who most likely remember these days. What days? The days of fire or coal being the primary source of heat, or maybe the only way cooking got done. Let's remember back.

The year was 1880 when Thomas Edison patented the electric distribution system, electricity. Before this time.... our great grandparents, and ancestors were cooking over a fire....

BEFORE YOU SHUT ME OFF thinking this is going to be a boring lesson of history... PLEASE READ ON.... it will not be.

I was listening to our pastors wife on Sunday and she shared for a few minutes on "fire." Before electricity, our great grandparents would get a fire going and continue to stoke it, making sure to keep somewhat of a flame going. Why? This was their ONLY source of heat for the home, and was how they cooked. If they let the FIRE GO OUT, it was much more work to get a fire started again. It took collecting more firewood, getting a flame going, stroking the fire, getting the fire really hot, and then, finally cooking after the fire was hot enough. IF the fire got COLD and went out, it was not impossible to get it going again, but it just took much greater work!

You are the same. This applies to every area of life. Think about it... when you are in the habit of working out every day, continuing the habit is relatively easy. BUT... if you go a few days or weeks without working out, it's easier to get colder and colder towards the gym, until the habit is gone and you have drifted back into an unhealthy habit of no exercise. The same could be said of drinking water, reading a good book, limiting time to social media, eating healthy, etc., etc.

Your spiritual walk is the same! DON'T LET THIS FIRE GO OUT! If your fire has gone out, maybe you haven't been spending time in the Word. Maybe life has gotten busy and you have gotten away from it. Sleeping in has won instead of waking up and extra 15, 30 minutes or even an hour early each morning. YOU CAN REIGNITE THE FIRE! It just takes a few good days of re-establishing the habit until the great feeling will WIN out. Choosing not to hit snooze, but getting up. Pouring your cup of coffee, snuggling in on the couch by lamplight and opening up your Bible before the day gets busy.

REIGNITE YOUR FIRE! Friend, it's worth it. When you have reignited your fire in the Word, I promise, you will find that every minute spent has been worth it. I believe you will watch as it's almost like God ADDS time to your day to finish things. He gives you supernatural energy even though you woke up early... you find yourself not being tired. He directs you to where you need to be and what you need to be doing. He PREPARES you ahead of time with the exact verse you will need for the day, so in "that" moment when it could be stressful, you don't get overwhelmed.

Sure... life still happens, but when you really have roots firmly planted in the Word, life sure is easier. And once you have your FIRE REIGNITED, DON'T LET IT GO OUT! Keep the fire lit! Like our great-grandparents, once the fire went out, their homes started to get cold. It took much more work and it was messy to get a new fire going. Imagine the black soot that would get on you trying to prepare the new wood to reignite the fire. Stoking it, ashes flying up, poking it with a stick, moving wood and sticks around. Friend, KEEP YOUR FIRE in the LORD GOING! Don't let it go out! I heard Joyce Meyer say the other day, even if it was just ONE prayer she said before leaving the house, she made SURE not to leave without spending some time with the Lord... even if it was just one sentence!

Commit today to REIGNITE the Flame! Reignite and KEEP IT BURNING!

Do you have any tips you can share that HELP you stay "ON FIRE" or keep you consistent in your time with the Lord? WHAT HELPS YOU? We'd love to hear your secret tips!!

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