Monday, February 17, 2014

NOT Walking in FEAR about your Children & Life!

Psalm 91:11 (NLV) - For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go.
Psalm 118:6 (GNT) - The Lord is with me, I will not be afraid
Job 3:25 (AMP) - For the thing which I greatly fear comes upon me, and that of which I am afraid befalls me.
As a believer, it is great to walk in and KNOW the promises that God has stored up for us. Often, before knowing some of these promises, I was living in fear, doubt and unbelief without even knowing it. Now as a parent, I can see where it is crucial to STAY in a spirit of FAITH and not fear. To PRAY prayers out of FAITH, based on the Promises in the Word and not pray prayers out of FEAR! Faith is from God. Fear is from Satan. John 10:10 reminds us that the enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy, but GOD has brought us LIFE and brought it abundantly! The enemy, Satan, wants me to live in, think about and meditate on fear based thoughts. BUT, when I am walking and living in fear, I am walking and living according how SATAN would have me live, NOT based upon how GOD wants me to live.

Let me give you a few examples… this morning, as I was journaling, I felt led to thank God. This was my prayer.
Bless Tyler today. Show him favor in all he puts his hands too. Thank you that he walks in divine health every day of his life AND I thank you for the angels that surround him wherever he goes!! EVERY DAY! 
I was praying a prayer based out of FAITH because the WORD has given me specific PROMISES that I can cling to and hold on to. As I was praying for Tyler, I envisioned literally an entourage of angels surrounding him as he goes out and about, as he drives in his car. The thing is, an entourage of angels lines exactly up with the WORD OF GOD! As it says in Psalm 91:11, "For He (God) will order, His angels to protect you wherever you go." In THANKING God, I am but putting HIS Word to work. I am putting Him in remembrance of His Word, a promise that has already been given to me as a believer. THAT PROMISE IS FOR ME! PROTECTION is a promise for ME and MY FAMILY!

Often, the life of Job causes many people to walk in a life of fear. They look at the story of Job, how his family, home, business and health was all stripped from him. Unfortunately, they miss the part about Job LIVING in FEAR. Job sacrificed offerings daily, out of FEAR for his family.

Today, AS A BELIEVER, someone who has the Word of God, the Bible, which we can go back to again and again to reference…. I CAN KNOW God's Promises and I can stand on them for my life and the life of my family! I can pray prayers based upon the WORD, out of FAITH because it is the WORD OF GOD. It is a PROMISE for me!

No fear for my children. I'm not immune to Satan wanting to PLANT seeds of fear in my head. I'm not immune to Satan trying to tell me something is wrong with Timothy while I lay in bed. Granted, don't get me wrong, it is good to check on your kids. But, as I lay there, I need to first check myself. Am I being led of God or led of Satan. Am I walking in faith or fear? My first response is to take every thought captive and under the obedience of Christ Jesus (2 Cor. 10:5). If the enemy is trying to get me into fear, my job as a believer is to STAY IN FAITH and stay OUT OF FEAR. I may even say out loud, "I refuse to fear. My kids are covered under the blood of Jesus. According to Ps 91:11, angels are protecting my children because that is a PROMISE God has given me. My kids are fine. I take every thought captive. Fear you must GO in Jesus Name! I refuse to walk in fear!" 

Once I have taken thoughts captive, then I determine whether I am going to check on my kids…. I may fall asleep peacefully, or I may go cover them up and make sure they are warm. Whatever it is, I'm taking faith-based actions, and not taking rushed and hurried actions because the enemy is planting fear in me about my children's safety. I heard my pastor say before, when the enemy tries to get him in fear, he'll often "cook an egg." If you think about it, fear almost always causes you to panic, rush and hurry. "Cooking an egg" tells the enemy, "NO! I WILL NOT FEAR and I WILL NOT RUSH. I'm going to just take my time! I'm not in a hurry. I choose to walk in faith. All is well."

I encourage you today, if there is something in your life that the enemy continues to try and use against you, whether it is safety for yourself, children, husband, maybe it is finances, health, whatever it is, FIND A PROMISE IN THE WORD on that issue! Find a Promise that you can USE against the enemy when he tries to get you in fear over the situation. The enemy is smart, and he WILL try and use fear against you. He is here to kill, steal and destroy. Do not let him steal your peace and joy by causing you be in fear. SHOOT BULLETS BACK at him of the WORD OF GOD! Those are sure to stop him in his tracks!

PS. Psalm 91:11 and Psalm 118:6 are BOTH two of the memory verses that Tyler Jr (age 4) and Trinity (age 2) know and can recite. If they say they are afraid, I want them to KNOW that we do not need to be afraid! FEAR has NO place in our home because THE LORD IS WITH US, WE WILL NOT BE AFRAID! And we have BIG ANGELS TO PROTECT US WHEREVER WE GO! There are not monsters in their closets, there are ANGELS in their room protecting them! 


Christine Martin said...

Wow. This was meant for me today. I went to bed last night thinking of whether my children would live to be parents or would I lose them early. Would I live to see them grow or would I leave THEM to early? I felt anxiety and wanted to cry at both thoughts. Thank you so much for this entry.

Amy McCart said...

Christine, praise The Lord that tho could help! I don't think any of us are immune to thoughts of fear....but wow!! Aren't the promises of God so reassuring when we grab hold of them!! We are fighting a battle against a toothless lion and YOU WIN EVERY TIME WHEN U USE THE WORD!!! be blessed Christine and thanks for visiting my blog! How did u find it?

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