Thursday, April 7, 2011

#164 - Wisdom: A Different Perspective

Buenos dias! :) I hear the birds chirping and love it! My next chore?? To wash down the screened in porch so I can return to my Quiet Time oasis and enjoy the beautiful morning sounds of the outdoors! In the meantime, the pollen filled porch will sit with an empty table... just waiting for me. :) I'm coming! I'm coming soon porch!
Proverbs 7:4 - Say to skillful and godly Wisdom, You are my sister, and regard understanding or insight as your intimate friend--
Honestly... I have never thought of Wisdom as "my sister", nor understanding as my "intimate friend." But... when you really begin to boil things down, even the idea of it makes it seem very "light-hearted" and "fun!" I grew up with two sisters.... so I can relate but even if it were a guy reading this verse... it is very applicable to them too. I have a brother as well. When I think of my brother talking to me, I would anticipate he talks to me differently than he would a guy friend. He has the ability to be open, transparent, and know that whatever he says I'm going to listen with an open ear. To talk to someone as a sister, to me brings with it the idea that you are able to go to that person, talk, not be worried or concerned about what they think because regardless of your words or feelings, at the end of the day, they are going to still love you.

A sister. I think of how different my sisters are, and how different of a relationship we have, and even growing up how different it always was. But both, equally as valuable in different ways. The one, we could go out for a run, bend over, let our arms hang and just act goofy! Sometimes just to pass time, we would just act like complete dorks! We'd laugh, have fun and the time would pass, the run would soon be over. We would sit out at the gazebo by my parents pool reading our Bibles, digging in, allowing the Word to change us. One moment we could be laughing, the next moment serious.

So here... even Wisdom could be like that to me?
Wisdom, you are my funny sister. The one I can laugh with and be silly with. Wisdom, you are my serious sister, someone I can search out the Word with, someone I can dig into the Word...someone who I can change with. 
My other sister? We were both cheerleaders. We had a different kind of relationship, closer in age... but we could just lay up and talk through the night. During those times, I wasn't walking with the Lord... so who knows what we talked about... but the door was always open. We could just hang out, do nothing or do something. The intimacy of our friendship was great and still is. Someone who will support, love and encourage. We spent many weekends skiing together, being "cool", finding the hot guys on the slopes. Memories! So.... a friend... someone that I can have fun with!

So Wisdom you also could be to me:
Wisdom, you are an ear to listen. You are also someone I can have fun with. I can enjoy life with. Wisdom you are an intimate ear, you love me for who I am, you accept me where I am. You are always there for me. 
I think of "intimate friends" as it talks about in the latter part of Proverbs 7:4. Regarding understanding and insight as an intimate friend. Do you have that ONE friend, or that ONE person.... they seem like they could be a sister because you are so in tune with each other. It's like you are just kindred friends! You were meant to be together, you were meant to be friends. THAT FRIEND, that is how we are suppose to treat understanding and insight. Seeking it out, pouring into each other. Allowing insight and understanding to pour into you, your Spirit, like you would your best friend.

The Key? The key is TIME. Wisdom, like a sister, is ALWAYS there for us. READY for us to "pick up the phone", "grab coffee with".... Wisdom is READY to stay up late with us and reveal answers to our questions. Understanding & insight, like an intimate friend, they are equally ready.... to look us directly in our eyes and really listen to what we are saying. And WE need to also, be ready to be quiet and LISTEN to our intimate friend. There is no shortness of REVELATIONS. The only shortness is our ability to TAKE THE TIME to receive them. Revelations are in abundance.... WISDOM, INSIGHT & UNDERSTANDING are waiting to reveal these secrets to us.

Take the time today.... maybe it's just to sit in a chair, just you. Quiet. Lean back, and just say, "Wisdom, I call you my sister. Let's talk! I'll even just listen and let you talk! What do you think??"

It puts a different perspective on entering into a time to seek out Wisdom when you know you can go into it as you would with a sister. You can seek understanding going into it like you would an intimate friend. It makes it not awkward, not weird, no pressure, no uneasiness. You wouldn't be nervous having coffee with your sister or friend, Wisdom, the Holy Spirit is the same. You can enter into that time and realize your best friend is always right there with you, waiting.

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