Wednesday, April 6, 2011

#163 - For Such a Time as This

Good morning! Get ready for this. The Word for today is for MANY people. MANY. I'm excited to allow the Holy Spirit to really show out and open eyes through what He has shared with me this morning, and what He is about to reveal to you. It is amazing! Buckle up! Strap on the boot straps & get ready! This is a Word from the Lord!
Proverbs 6:6-8 - Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider her ways and be wise! Which, having no chief, overseer, or ruler, Provides her food in the summer and gathers her supplies in the harvest.
Esther 2:2b, 12, 13 - Let beautiful young virgins be sought for the king. 2Now when the turn of each maiden came to go in to King Ahasuerus, after the regulations for the women had been carried out for twelve months--since this was the regular period for their beauty treatments, six months with oil of myrrh and six months with sweet spices and perfumes and the things for the purifying of the women-- 13Then in this way the maiden came to the king: whatever she desired was given her to take with her from the harem into the king's palace. 
Matthew 25:2-4 - 2Five of them were foolish (thoughtless, without forethought) and five were wise (sensible, intelligent, and prudent). 3For when the foolish took their lamps, they did not take any [extra] oil with them; 4But the wise took flasks of oil along with them [also] with their lamps. 
Wow! This is good. I was sitting here listening to the Holy Spirit as I journaled some of my thoughts.... and this was one of his opening lines to me: "Amy - just relax your brain. You seem so uptight this morning." Do you ever wake up like that? Even though you may be in quietness and peace, nothing in your brain feels or seems like that. Your brain is going a million miles a minute thinking of a million thoughts, concerns, situations, etc, etc. It's like... how could you have so much going on in your brain so early in the morning. You just woke up! So, I listed out all the things that I had in my brain that was causing a bit of question or even potential stress. The Holy Spirit reminded me that I needed to RE-CAST those cares on Him. I was allowing the baggage of my load to weigh me down, which in turn was hindering my ability to Care Less and be Care Free!

OK... all that was bonus. Let's roll into the Word. Above you read about 3 different accounts. The first one, in Proverbs talks about how the ant is prepared. The ant prepares during harvest and when winter comes is ready. Proverbs tells us to learn from the ant. Let's skip down to the Matthew scripture. Here's an account of the story of the 10 virgins. If you remember, they were waiting for the bridegroom to return so they could enter into the party. 5 of the virgins came prepared with extra oil, not knowing how long into the night they would be waiting, and not wanting to run out of oil. The other 5 came unprepared, and later ran out of oil. When the bridegroom returned they were not there because they had to go get more oil... they missed the opportunity to enter into the party. They were left behind closed doors in the dark. A real picture of heaven & being prepared for the return of Jesus. He is coming back, the question is, will WE be ready?

Esther... the key thing here that I wanted to point out is this... virgins were going before the King so that he could decide who would be the NEW QUEEN to replace Queen Vashti. The King was going to choose. A NEW QUEEN! Someone! A young woman from among the people. It reminds me kind of of the Cinderella movie with Drew Barrymore.... where the women of the region are invited to go to an elaborate ball so that the Prince can choose a wife! Well... that in essence is similar to what's going on with Esther, EXCEPT before going before the King, the women go through a 12 MONTH PREPARATION period! They go through 12 MONTHS of beautification treatments! 12 MONTHS!

How does that affect me? What does that have to do with me? As I was sitting here listening... well, just feverishly writing what the Holy Spirit was telling me... He reminded me of these accounts. To sum it up, He basically said, HEY... even ESTHER had a time of preparation! Her season JUST for the beauty treatments was 12 months before she would go before the King. Her ASSIGNMENT was huge! We all know the "For Such a Time as This" statement. Queen Esther saved an ENTIRE NATION! She saved the Jewish people! BUT she had to go through a preparation period. 

Put your name in here: AMY (Tarra, Kim, Angie, Galen, Renee ___________________) will YOU be patient enough during this season, during this time for me to PREPARE YOU? Great things are on the horizon, but I need to prepare you! You don't have to be in a rush. My timing is perfect. Will you please just continue to let me? Before the fullness of manifestation... before your dreams truly ARE a reality, in the current quietness, will you allow me to get you FULLY grounded so you are FULLY prepared?! You will not lack any good thing! The day and the hour is not important right now, it will come. The important thing right now is that you focus on the time you are in and that is PREPARATION! Will YOU prepare and allow me to prepare you? Continue to draw near to me! This is part of the preparation! I will guide you in what to focus on, what to prepare. Your time is coming, the time that will be famous for you and you will recognize it as: For Such a Time as This! You will know you had been prepared for this moment and for this time. So.... please.... will you just be patient. Will you let me do My work in you? Your time is coming. 

Need I say more? My time, Your time is coming. Will we be faithful in the preparation? Will we be faithful so that at our VICTORY, at the FRUITION of the desires we've been waiting upon... we will be able to say, "I see it now... For Such a Time as This, I have been made ready. I'm so glad that I am prepared!"


Galen said...

Thanks once again AJMc! Confirmation. Rhae and I were discussing our business the other night and she said,When we are at emerald, Diamond or whatever will all these things we are doing(going through) reply.maatter? We are being prepared and we are preparing. I don't consider enough times though,that God is preparing me. I tend to think only that it is the work I must do. I've been missing that peace of remembering my Father is doing this as long as I,m not afraid to take action Halleluia!

Amy J. McCart said...

Amen! For sure remember this time and your feelings! Once you are "there", it will be so good it will be hard to remember some of the "going through" times. But Praise God, we can enjoy the NOW and "going through" as we are preparing and being prepared! :) Excited for you guys!!

jburton said...

This is just what I needed today. Sometimes our patience is so short...but in God's time, time is is NOW! Amy, you are such a blessing!

Tarra said...

Thanks Amy for being faithful and so encouraging. Truly, I needed this today. It can be forgotten when youre in the midst of a storm that God is in control an He loves us and so is preparing us for what He has purposed. He never lets us go. Continuing to roll my cares onto Him and waiting expectantly and patiently for the vision He has placed in my heart to come to fruition.

Deb Ellis said...

Good stuff Amy! It's so easy to focus on the circumstances surrounding you, and lose sight of the goal or the purpose God has in our lives. Remembering that God is in control and He is preparing us for 'such a time as this'. Break me, melt me, mold me, use me! That is my prayer!
I love you Amy!

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