Friday, June 24, 2011

#199 - "Lord, What Should I Focus On?"

Good morning! :) Excited about a fun day! But let's go ahead and get into the Word... I'm hungry and I think "Mungo" will be getting up soon! (Yes... "the boy" has so many Nick Names! Here's the progression of his most recent nick-name.....Tyler Junior  > Junior > Junior Asparagus (Veggie Tales) > Asparagus > Asparamungo > Amungo > Mungo. ) Anyways... he had lots of Nick-Names... my favorite of which, I haven't ever really called him.... Teej. I think that's cute. His cousins in Indiana call him that. I think it's cute and unique, but so far, it doesn't automatically roll off my tongue. So here it is, Mungo! *shaking head* I'm sure that WON'T stick, in Jesus Name! (Can I get an AMEN!)

Ok... let's go...
Proverbs 31:20 - She opens her hand to the poor, yes, she reaches out her filled hands to the needy [whether in body, mind, or spirit].
This morning began an interesting Quiet Time. I never know what quite to expect when I go into my time with the Lord, EXCEPT, I always expect to get something. I recently mentioned a quote that I've heard a lot, "There is no problem that sustained thought can not answer." This morning as I started off my Quiet Time, the Holy Spirit clarified that quote from a Christians perspective. He said, "There is no question that sustained SEEKING will not answer. Seeking is a combination of prayer AND listening."

Lately, my mind has been racing through all the things I "think" I should be thinking about. Have you ever done that? Your mind is on overload because you think you should really be thinking about a lot of things. So many things vying for you attention and time, your thoughts & your mind? You feel at times that your mind is spinning just to try to figure out "WHAT LORD should I focus on?!" Often, if you are anything like me in the past, I didn't ever slow down enough to ask the question, or sit long enough to listen to the answer. Can you relate? So.... on you go, your mind spinning, physically your just grasping at whatever the next project is, not really knowing if it's what you should be working on, but just working on it for the sake of "completing something" that seems worthwhile.

This morning after the Holy Spirit clarified this "definition" for me, I listed out all of the MAIN things that have been competing for a mental position in my mind. I listed out 15 things. As I completed my "immediate" list, I looked it over, read each item and to myself wondered how in the world would all of this get answered or completed?

Here is how the conversation continued...
"Let me start you off with the RIGHT question to ask me.... Everything you listed is important to you. Not everything is important to focus on now. The question to ask me is: 'Where should I focus my thoughts & time?' Some things I have in the works and will inevitably work themselves out. I am working on them. Isn't that better than YOU trying to do it? And some, I'll answer as you need the answers, not all at once." 
"Ok," I thought. That made sense. But I still wondered in my head after looking over the list, "What will I focus on?" Nothing from my list was really jumping out at me. The conversation continued...
"As you looked through the list of things, you're right, NONE are what I want your attention on. You didn't even have listed what I want you to focus on. This is it: Give. I want you to focus on giving..... I want you to give to others. I specifically have people I want you to give to. (1)________ (ear) (2) ________ (prayer) (3) ________ (time).
Interesting. As I went back and re-read Proverbs 31, I noticed areas that SHE is giving too.... and wouldn't you know it, the Holy Spirit directed me to do the same! She reaches out her filled hands to the needy, whether in body (in the physical / time)mind (a listening ear), or spirit (prayer). I just found it so interesting how the Holy Spirit gave me THREE, VERY SPECIFIC people, and gave me THREE, VERY SPECIFIC areas He wanted me to give to them. Very specific, and each different.

What was most important to the Holy Spirit had not even made it to my list! Isn't that funny. Here's a question.... what does your list look like? Those things vying for your time.... what do they look like? AND, if you asked the Holy Spirit what you should be focused on, would HIS answer have made your list? I was honestly a bit surprised that His answer was not on my list. All the things on my list seem very important.... but just not what my focus SHOULD be. Isn't it interesting thought... the things on my list were very focused on completing tasks that I was INTERNALLY focused on. HIS one item of importance was focused EXTERNALLY, giving of myself to someone else. Pouring into others instead of pouring into myself.

Food for thought. Might be an interesting question for you to ask today.  Lord, what should I focus on? 


Here's a few recent and cute pictures of Tyler Junior and his little friend Zoe. :) So cute!


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