Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seeds of Expectancy!

1 Cor. 3:7 - So neither he who plants is anything nor he who waters, but (only) God Who makes it grow AND become greater. 
Maybe the Holy Spirit is trying to get ME to get something, because the theme today is the same. Expectancy! Here were the words I journaled as I was listening this morning...
Plant seeds of expectation Amy. EXPECT today that I will DO great things!! Smile & EXPECT. At each corner, expect good. LOOK for it! Recognize it!! Make a list if you need too. 
Planting seeds of expectancy. What a fun way to go through the day! Smiling, looking around at each corner with great anticipation of GOD putting that next great thing or person there. Even looking down to the ground to see a penny or quarter. Making that "mental" or "written out" list of the GOOD things God is doing. Today for example.... it's a BEAUTIFUL day here in South Carolina! For the first in many days it is not raining and is suppose to stay sunny all day! YIPPEE! The perfect day to do something special with my kiddos!

Smile. Expect. Drive and expect. Walk and expect. Answer the phone and expect. PLANT SEEDS of expectancy. God will make your dreams and goals grow. God will help those seeds not just grow, but become greater! Is it a seed of EXPECTANCY for growth in your business? Expect to meet the next customer today.

God will not only help the seeds GROW, he will make them become GREATER!

Keep your list today. Write down everything GREAT and SMALL that God does... from the penny and front row parking place to the huge new customer account or new friend you met. Expect GOD to do what HE can do!

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