Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today I'm posting something that I think is DEFINITELY worth the read. It is a post from my husband's blog (  that he wrote yesterday! For both of us, it was very freeing. Enjoy! 

Failure is Never Considered by: Tyler McCart
I was talking with Amy on a date night and as usual we are talking about what we are learning and about our team!! These are popular topics.
Well, I was listening to a CD in my car and it was an interview of a college professor (Dr. Sirkumar Rao) that has the ONLY self-improvement course in a MBA program at an Ivy League school. So this was a pretty big time accomplishment because it had never been done.
So the person conducting the interview asked the professor, "Did you ever consider failing at the idea of creating a self-improvement course and making it part of an MBA program?" The professor's answer really did catch me off guard.
He stated, "I never thought I would fail." When he made that statement, I was like wow!! He never considered failure. The thought of failing never crossed his mind. And then he went on to say this, "The reason I never thought about failing was because this was what I was born to do. So therefore, if I was created to do this, then I could never fail at this." WHOAAAA!!!!
I pondered this in my heart for several days. Then Amy and I began talking about it and as we were talking I made a statement about my realization. Amy was so excited about it that she told me to stop talking while she typed the statement into her Blackberry.
The statement, "If you are doing what you were born to be and do, then failure should not even be a consideration. Because you were born for that very purpose."
That is good stuff!! If you were born for that very purpose, then YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON that can carry that purpose out. It helped me stop thinking about "what if I fail or do not succeed?"
To reinforce this mind-set, the book The Slight Edge (by Jeff Olson) is a key to fulfilling the purpose you were created to for.
Failure should be called lessons.

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