Wednesday, August 11, 2010



Just beginning to enjoy my DOR. Slept in this morning, it was nice!! :)

WELCOME BRENDA! Glad you have joined us! Please let us know your thoughts and comments as we go! It is so interesting to get perspectives from a wide variety of people! So, we welcome YOUR VOICE BRENDA! Or if you'd rather, you are welcome to just silently sit back and read as well. :) We are just happy to have you on this journey with us!

To everyone else..... are you a "reader" but not a "follower"?? Consider making it official and following this blog! :)

Has the blog been helpful to you? Or thought provoking? ONLY if so, please consider sharing it with others. The added tabs have made it easy to share on FB, Twitter or Emailing to a friend.... will you consider sharing a post that you enjoyed??

ENJOY YOUR DAY! I am going to enjoy mine!!!

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