Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We had a garage sale several months back and had a TON of clothes to sell. Well, we obviously have a LOT of clothes left over.... well.... I wanted an athletic skort. I looked for one out and about... couldn't find one, so I decided I'd find some material amongst all of our "left-over" clothes and make one. I found a dry-fit shirt of Tyler's and a pair of boxers that were too small for him. I mean, for real women... aren't men's boxer's just comfortable?! I think so!! Well.... here is the journey of my project. (Last week's DOR and today for a little bit.)

Let the journey begin.... 

So... there yah have it! :) Tyler still doesn't understand why I would want to work on a craft or do something involving "sewing" on my DOR. Why? Because it is FUN!!! :) And RELAXING. :) 

So... I have a new, fun, not perfect, but white skort. :) 


Rebekah said...

Great job Amy!!! I also think sewing is very relaxing :o)

Amy J. McCart said...

Thank you Rebekah!! :) It was fun!!

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