Thursday, August 26, 2010

#58 - The Power of a Card

Good morning. A full day ahead, so let's get movin! :) 
Proverbs 26:23 - Burning lips [uttering insincere words of love] and a wicked heart are like an earthen vessel covered with the scum thrown off from molten silver [making it appear to be solid silver].
Proverbs 31:29 - Many daughters have done virtuously, nobly, and well [with the strength of character that is steadfast in goodness], but you excel them all.
What has been going on in my mind about this? Well.... a few things. The Power of Sincerity. The Power of a Card. The Power of being YOU! During this time being home with my family in Indiana, we have seen the true power of sincerity! It has come in so many shapes and sizes. It's come in tears, in cards, in drawings from children, in phone calls, in hugs, in love. We have seen how truly loving and sincere people can be. I know that Proverbs 26:23 talks about the scum & wickedness of insincerity....but, I want to focus on the opposite. The power that lies in sincerity. The power that lies in love. And the power that lies in a card. 

As I have been at my parents house, what a blessing it has been to see the mailbox full every day. Full of cards with condolences. Cards of sympathy. Cards of love. My grandpa has come over and told of the same scenerio at his house. His mailbox full of cards every day, wishing the condolences of his loss from his love of 62 years! What power that lies in a card. A hand written note. With email and text messages, cell phones & skype, twitter & FaceBook... sometimes the art of a handwritten note sent in the mail is lost. But... if you think about it, it is the most special. When you walk to the mail box and sort through the mail, what are you looking for? You are looking for a handwritten note or card. At least I know I am. Everyone loves to get cards... letters... personal mail! Then, you filter through all the bills and junk mail, when you pull up that card, all the other mail is put aside and you open the letter addressed directly to you. The neat cursive writing of your long lost friend, or close family member calling you in to open it! 

Our Proverbs 31 friend excels all the women out there! She is the friend when one needs a friend. She is the shoulder to cry on when a shoulder is needed. She is the ear to listen when an ear is needed. She is what she needs to be to the people she loves. She is a friend. She is a sister. She is a mother, a daughter, a wife, a granddaughter.... she is a blessing. She excels them all. Why? Because she knows how to look to the needs of others. She blesses them. Her focus is outward and not inward. Her focus is on blessing others. 

The Power of Sincerity. The Power of a Card. Reach out to someone today. Who can you encourage through the power of written words? As you pray, who comes to your mind that might could use a kind word? It may be someone completely unexpected... you may think of them as someone who has it together. Well, the Holy Spirit knows best. Maybe they are struggling in a time that no one knows about. Encourage them today. Don't email or text, leave them a voicemail, but drop them a note in the mail. Allow them to keep that with them, to carry it around, to go back to it, that it may encourage them long after the first day they open it. 

Send a card this week!


Deb Ellis said...

I truly mirror your thoughts Amy. As we celebrated Grandma's life last week through the viewing and funeral, the friends and family that came to offer their condolences was amazing. I was so blessed by the cards. Thank you all for joining us in this time where we treasure your love and friendship.
I read through the kind and thoughtful words on the notes and was reduced to tears, knowing they shared in our loss. I rejoice knowing that Grandma (Mom Ellis) is dancing on the streets of gold and sitting at the feet of Jesus, worshipping him.
In the past, I have not been a good one to send cards on special occasions or 'just because....' But I will say that I love getting cards or notes in the mail. The most meaningful cards are the ones that are unexpected, no particular occasion. To go to the mailbox and find a card in the mail...'to me!' saying 'I was just thinking about you'... Those are extra precious and special.
A special person comes to my mind who had surgery yesterday. After we just experienced this wonderful blessing of cards, I did send her a card to let her know I am thinking and praying for her. I hope she is blessed and knows I love her. Also sent a card to a friend/co-worker who just lost her mother this week. It is such a good feeling to share my love and let them know they are special and I am thinking about them.
I want to be more of an encourager to others by sending cards. I agree, a text or email just isn't the same.
Thanks Amy for reminding me that this is a very simple but meaningful way to minister to others.

Kimberly Bestul said...

thx AJ...what a great lesson for us to learn thru this difficult time. The Power of a Card.

Amy J. McCart said...

Amen Kimmi & mom! :)

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