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Good afternoon! It's officially afternoon here! Living a blessed life, are you? Well, strap yourself in for this one, it's a good message that has been stirring inside me for awhile and church yesterday added fuel to the fire. The Holy Spirit is doing a good work and I'm excited to be EXCITED about life! Let's get into it!
Proverbs 13:2a - A good man eats good from the fruit of his mouth...
Proverbs 13:19a - Satisfied desire is sweet to a person... 
Psalm 103:20 - Praise the LORD, you his angels, you mighty ones who do his bidding, who obey his word
The message? Get VIOLENT! "Get violent? What?" You may be thinking. And, YES! Get VIOLENT! Now is the time. I want you to think about some things. We are in the middle of this Christmas season, with New Year's quickly approaching. I would guess, in the midst of your Christmas shopping, planning of parties, baking chocolates and goodies, and looking for the perfect gift for your spouse and family... well, I would anticipate that somewhere in the back of your mind you also have some floating thoughts about New Year's resolutions?? Maybe thoughts like, "I want this year to be different. I want this next year to be better. I just want those positive changes that I've been thinking about, wishing and wanting to come to pass in my life." Well friend, NOW is the time to get VIOLENT with it. Now is the time to take these thoughts and bring them out in the spoken word. It is time to get VIOLENT with your words!

I want to share some things that my Pastor talked about yesterday. It was one of those messages that was SHOUTING material it was so good. He was on a roll! So... on behalf of Pastor Jenkins, THANK YOU for the WORD Pastor! Now... let me share it with you all! 

Our words are extremely powerful. In Proverbs 13:2, it talks about how you will eat GOOD, you will have good OUTCOME because of your mouth. Friend, if you are not speaking, NOW is the time to begin. If you are not putting LIFE to your situation, your dreams, your goals with your Words, you are missing out! Verse 19 tells us that a desire is sweet when it is SATISFIED! When the desire has come to MANIFESTATION! That is when the desire is truly it's sweetest! "Your deliverance is in your MOUTH!" Job 22:28 says, "You shall also decide and decree a thing, and it shall be established for you; and the light [of God's favor] shall shine upon your ways." 

Decree. What is decree. Here's the definition in the dictionary: a formal and authoritative order, esp. one having the force of law: a presidential decree. In the Bible when a King would make a DECREE, he would be setting a LAW in place. Whatever HE said or DECREED became law. Became what the people would them follow. When the King would DECREE a law or an order, servants would go out on his behalf and see that it came to pass. Friend, as co-heirs with Jesus who is THE KING OF KINGS.... He is KING and Lord over US. He is King and Lord over us, Children of God, Co-Heirs with Christ, and Kings in this time and land. Friend, WE, believers, when we got saved now have AUTHORITY to DECREE things on our behalf. And ANGELS are waiting to go out and ESTABLISH the WORD, but they need to have instructions. The WORD has to go forth, therefore, YOU NEED TO SPEAK THE WORD TO EMPLOY ANGELS. Psalm 103:20 - "Praise the LORD, you his angels, you mighty ones who do his bidding, who obey his word." ANGELS OBEY the WORD of God. If you are NOT speaking the WORD, you are not giving them something to do. You are not giving them an assignment to accomplish. They obey the Word to bring it to pass. The King (Jesus) of Kings (believers), has given US authority to DECREE things ON EARTH that they may come to pass. 

OK... I know if this is the first time you have ever hear any of this, it may be a little bit deep. I hope you are following with me. 

Since you are a king, it is time to put your WORDS to WORK! It is time to begin DECREEING over your situation! It is time to get VIOLENT and AGGRESSIVE with your Words! It is time to DECREE! We, believers are not DECREEING ENOUGH! We are not SPEAKING enough! We are TOO QUIET! It's time to get loud! 

My pastor talked about Breaking down the enemy with your words. Think about it, kids do it all the time! Not saying that parents are the enemy... but check this out... how often have you heard something like this: 
  • "Mom, can I have a cookie?" 
  • "NO" 
  • "Aww mom, please can I have a cookie?" 
  • "No. Not now." 
  • "But please mom, just one cookie. please?" 
  • "I said no." 
  • "But why mom?"  
  • "Because I said NO."
  • "But please, just one cookie. I've been good all day."  
  • "OK fine, just one."
What happened here? With his words, this child got what he wanted. He just kept on and kept on and kept on, until his mom, for all intensive purposes was worn down and said yes. The same thing happened in Luke 18 with the persistent widow. She continues to persist with the judge, and because of her persistence, she is granted what she wanted. 

Another example, picture this... a drip of water. Doesn't seem strong, but over time... if that drip, day in and day out is dripping on the same place on a in, day out. Year after year. It drips and drips and drips and drips. What is going to happen? This small drip is going to wear down the rock. Your Words can act the same way, but with even a greater amount of power. YOUR words are like a PUNCH to the enemy. As you SPEAK the WORD, your goals, your desires, and you DECREE them, you back them up with the Word, it's like punching the enemy. Over and over. You speak them, you speak them, you speak them. You YELL them, you get LOUD with them! You shout them! You get AGGRESSIVE and PASSIONATE about them! The enemy takes each punch and you are making HIM weaker. You are defeating him! Until finally, your words come with SUCH FORCE that your WORDS BRING YOUR VICTORY!!!! YOUR DELIVERANCE IS IN YOUR MOUTH! You can change your finances. Grab some verses (Deut 28) - "You are the head and not the tail in your finances. You are above and not beneath. You walk in abundance. You lend to nations." Put some power behind your Words! Get the WORD behind your WORDS! And begin to speak them VIOLENTLY! 

Get AGGRESSIVE! Make THIS the year where the desires of your heart come to pass! You pay for your house, IN CASH! You get out of debt! You pay for a car, WITH CASH! You walk in complete HEALTH, no sickness or disease in your body! Your relationships are HEALED and WHOLE, better than ever! 

GET VIOLENT with your WORDS! Like you were on stage of a broadway show! Are your words convincing? Is your passion really there! LET IT SHOW! 

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