Monday, February 14, 2011

#140 - Stay Grounded!

Good morning. How are you doing today?!? Good here! My boy is 15 months old today! WOW! Pretty amazing. It seemed like just yesterday he wasn't mobile and just laying on a blanket or in a swing. Boy, how things have changed! And today is one of my previous students birthday's. :) Tori! :) Happy Birthday Tori!! She's a very special young lady. Also hard to believe I taught her as a 6th grader and she is now 20 years young!!! WOW! She's grown up to become a beautiful young lady. 

Well... let's get going. 
Proverbs 14:12 - There is a way which seems right to a man and appears straight before him, but at the end of it is the way of death.
I remember my husband sitting down with a young man a year or two ago. It was quite interesting... but my husband felt let to tell this young man that a time was coming for him when there would be 2 roads for him to choose. They would both appear right, but one would lead to destruction. It would be important when this young man entered into this time that he would be able to recognize the roads. Though the one appeared good, was not the road to travel. 

Fast forward some time, about a year or two. In hindsight, this young man came to Tyler and said he remembered the dinner we had and Tyler telling him this. It was from the Lord, and I remember the dinner clearly also. The young man proceeded to tell Tyler of the 2 roads. How the one road appeared to be a good one. What was down that road appeared good, but it was extremely misleading. That road led to lies and deception, and ultimately could have led to this man choosing a mate that was not for him. Both roads were there. Both roads were there to travel. One led to destruction, one led to promotion & blessings. 

As Christians, it is KEY that we stay GROUNDED in the Word and with Christian fellowship. The enemy will come to steal, kill & destroy (Jn 10:10). The enemy wants to deceive and draw us OFF the path of blessing that God has for our lives. As Christians, IN SEASON & OUT OF SEASON, it is key for us to keep our feet grounded in the Word. Praise God that this young man stayed grounded in the Word & in Christian fellowship during this time of his life. Because of that he was able to RECOGNIZE and avoid destruction. He was able to see what was truly the path that led to destruction, he was able to see it clearly. 

Where ever you are today. Make it a continual effort to grow in your relationship with the Lord. When you are growing, when you are deepening that relationship, the Bible says, the Voice of a stranger you WILL NOT FOLLOW. When you are establishing that relationship and strengthening your relationship with the Lord, you will recognize the paths clearly. You will recognize which one is laced with deception. 

So... young man, where ever you are out there today, I want you to know as your Sister in Christ, I am proud of you! I am proud of you for staying on the path that leads to life! Continue staying grounded! God has very great things in store for your life, including an amazing wife. 

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Deb Ellis said...

I remember that clearly and am thankful that he listened to God and chose the right path. Good things are in store for those who follow God and listen to His still small voice.

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