Thursday, February 10, 2011

#139 -Breathing LIFE!

Good morning! It was snowing here this morning. :) A bit odd for us here, but it's suppose to get up to 51 today, so I doubt we will be having a "winter wonderland." :) Hope you are good in your part of the world.  It amazing how much the Internet allows us to be connected. I remember wondering how the whole "WORLD" would see when Jesus came back... but now with all of technology & new things coming out all the time, I can see how it would be possible! And what a glorious day that will be!

Let's get started: 
Proverbs 10:21 - The lips of the [uncompromisingly] righteous feed and guide many, but fools die for want of understanding and heart.
As I read this verse, it just jumped out at me. Really, came alive. I've read it before, and thought it before, but maybe didn't realize the magnitude that it's words held. The LIPS of the uncompromisingly righteous feed & guide many. This verse is talking about YOU, child of God! YOU are the righteous, and YOU feed and guide many! 

I started realizing over the last several months the power in this! Equally the power in NOT doing what it says. The lips. How do your lips feed & guide many? Let's just take your words for example. Maybe you are a parent, you have the ability to breathe life and belief into your children. You have the ability to tell them they are capable of ANYTHING they could dream of doing. You have the ability with your words to empower them to grow up and DO great things and BE great! With your words of encouragement, you are FEEDING their spirit. You are guiding them to be WHO they were destined to be! 

Maybe you own a business. Maybe you have a team of people that are looking for just ONE person in their life to believe in them. YOU now have the opportunity to FEED those people. To breathe life & hope into them. WITH your LIPS, you have the ability to speak into their life and help them become maybe who they were scared to be. 

Are you a teacher? Maybe YOU are the only person that will ever speak encouragement into that one student. You know, the student that comes from a broken home. The student that comes to school often looking down at their feet, looking like they are a world away in their thoughts. Maybe for them to have a chance at life, YOU were put in their life to BREATHE hope and life into them. To feed & guide their spirit! I would imagine if you kept them after class, sat them down and just looked in their eyes and said, "I just want you to know I see really great things in you! I see you doing really great things in your life. I think you are very special. I don't see you as just average, but I really believe that you were DESTINED to do REALLY GREAT things! Do you know that? You have special gifts inside of you, and I believe God really wants to use them for great things! I just wanted to keep you back just to tell you that I see something VERY special in you!"

You know what.... whatever your profession, parent, business owner, teacher, I bet if you had that conversation with someone and just looked them straight in the eyes as you were talking to them, I bet you would see tears well up in their eyes. I bet you would see into their soul. You would see in their eyes hope. You would maybe see a question, or they may even ask, "Do you really see that? Do you really think I'm meant to do great things?" 

People are STARVED!!! You have the ability to FEED THEM! With your lips, as it says in Proverbs 10:21, you have the ability to FEED THEM! To feed their spirit! To breathe life into them! With your belief, to breathe hope in them! Who knows you may very well be speaking to the next Bill Gates. The next Donald Trump. The next multi-millionaire who JUST needed ONE PERSON to FEED THEM. They are on the brink of STARVATION. They just need YOU to feed their soul. To tell them that THEY CAN DO IT! They are special! THEY ARE MEANT TO DO GREAT THINGS!

And you know what I bet?? If you are in a school, even with the whole "don't talk about God" thing... I bet if you had that conversation with a student, they would NEVER go rat on you for saying "GOD things they are special." They will go about the rest of their day walking with a hop in their step. 

People are starving and they need YOU! Who will it be today that you can believe in? Who will you FEED & GUIDE with your words of encouragement. You may well see the next great success emerge because of your belief! Most definitely those words would not be in vain! 

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jburton said...

Yes, a fit word of encouagement means a world of difference in others lives TODAY! Speak it! Thanks for reminding us Amy!

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