Tuesday, July 13, 2010

#33 - Fairytales Do Come True

Good Morning! Today is a very special day.... I'll tell you why in a minute. In the meantime, let's check out our verses....
Proverbs 13:12 - Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire is fulfilled, it is a tree of life.
Proverbs 31:10 - A capable, intelligent, and virtuous woman--who is he who can find her? She is far more precious than jewels and her value is far above rubies or pearls.
July 13th, 1998. Today is a very special day. Both of the verses for today took place on July 13th. Let's rewind... let's have story time. It was twelve years ago on July 7th that a girl traveled across the country on a mission trip that would extend over the next 3 weeks, until July 27th. She traveled all the way to London, England, Gatwick airport. In the middle of her greatest low in her short Christian life, she felt sad, dirty, unworthy. She felt like a great screw up. How could she even be worthy to be on a trip to share the gospel with anyone. Someone who had messed up so greatly. Someone who just a week prior had really ruined her testimony. Had allowed a non-Christian friendship to escalate to a relationship that went against everything she stood for as a Christian. Standing in the Gatwick airport, with 50 other young people from around the United States and Canada, she most definitely felt unworthy. 

Meanwhile, a small bus drives up, dropping off about 20 other young people who had just traveled France & the Czech Republic for the previous 3 weeks. Loudly singing... and laughing, they joined the 50. The 50. Quiet, new, alone, unsure what to expect, a bit lost. The 20 had been together, had established friendships over the last 3 weeks. So around walks "Mr. Congeniality" introducing himself, shaking hands, finding things in common with the 50, trying to make others feel welcome and warm. 

In the small town of Ashford, England the group begins to minister. From sports clinics, school auditoriums, street ministry, street drama & acting, large evening events with bands, and a gospel message, the 70 minister. One by one, salvation's begin to take place. 

July 13th, 1998. The girl, accompanied by Mr Congeniality walk through the park in Ashford. Rose bushes everywhere, sidewalks, fountains, finely trimmed grass... a perfect picture of an "English Park." Walking to their next event, they talk as they go. Then, there, in the park he stops and hugs her. A simple hug, but one long enough for her to see it. With her eyes closed, she sees a vision.... a large green chalk board, white chalk and The Hand. The Hand simply writes, "This is him. This is your husband, this is the man you are going to marry." 

"How could it be?" she thought. "I have just experienced the greatest low of my spiritual life. I just had the greatest mess up. I am still in the middle of the feelings of unworthiness, disgust. In one hand I held a choice. My God. In the other I held a choice. A Non-Christian Relationship. Though I chose my God, I still messed up so much, messed up my testimony. How could THIS be my husband? How could God be revealing him to me now, at my greatest low?"

The mission trip came and went. She got home and daily prayed, begged, sought the Lord pleading, "Please let this man know he is going to marry me. Please let him know I am his wife." Two years of pleading. Two years of hope deferred making a heart sick. Every day, wondering if he would call, wondering if he would email. Maybe this would be the day. 

Through a series of events, rather amazing events, God revealing to him that this could be the one. His list of 30 plus qualities he wanted in his wife allowed him to check off as each quality was discovered. Athletic, virgin, loves the Lord... and with a few qualities left to find out, she landed in his town for an entire summer. Mission trip #2, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. LT - Leadership Training with Great Commission Ministries. Now, officially dating, officially together. And one evening in the midst of possible physical temptation, the last of the qualities checked off. In a moment of potential "flirting with impurity" or "remaining pure," she began to sing. A beautiful singing voice, the last quality was checked off. She was the one. 

July 13th, 2000..... the scavenger hunt occurs. Unbeknownst to him, 2 years prior, God had most assuredly shown her that he was her husband. July 13th, 2000..... the scavenger hunt for "Lifegroup Leaders" led her on a trip that would end in a garden, roses surrounding it, a fountain trickling....the garden would end with the question she had waited on for 2 years. She had pleaded, cried about, dreamed about. 

As she strode across the garden, she saw a card propped up on a small box. A box just small enough where there had to be a velvet box somewhere. The card went on to say, how special she was. How God had chosen her just for him. It went on to say how much he loved her qualities and her heart for the Lord. She knew through conversation that "I love you" would not be a phrase that would occur in their relationship. The only time "I love you" would occur would be if it was followed by "Will you marry me?" And at the end of the card, for the first time there it was, "I love you. Turn around I have something to ask you."

There he stood. As he walked up, a suit, tie, a smile and a heart that you could see from the outside. His heart was so big. So full of love. As he grabbed her hands, he got down on one knee, "Amy, I love you. Would you be willing to be #2 in my life for the rest of your life? Amy, will you marry me?"


July 13th. One of the most special days in my life. God told me Tyler was going to be my husband, and a long 2 years of waiting and pleading with God. Crying. The vision did become a reality. That has been 12 years ago that God told me. Fairy tales most certainly do come true! The man I have loved for twelve years just gets better every day. The desire has been fulfilled! 

Single ladies.... he is looking for you! The man that you have always wondered is out there. He is looking for you. You were made to complete each other. You were made just for him. In amidst of your pursuit of God, in your pursuit of the Lord... being obedient to Him, even maybe at your greatest low.... there is where you may find him. He may not even know that he is looking for you.... but he is looking. God will reveal it to him... at the right timing, God will show him. It is your time to pursue God with reckless abandon. To pursue God with fervor! With passion! I remember Tyler asking a question on the mission trip, "What should a girl do to get a guy to notice her?" Answer...."Absolutely nothing. If she is seeking out and pursuing the heart of God, the man who is meant to marry her WILL FIND HER!" She doesn't need to dress to get noticed, flirt to get noticed, pursue the "guy" to get noticed. She needs to do one thing and one thing only, SEEK AFTER THE HEART OF GOD!

More than you could ever imagine, more than you could have ever dreamed is waiting for you. Get your eyes focused on your purpose. On GOD's purpose for you. As you are pursuing that, great things are in store! 

Single guys.... know what you are looking for. Know who YOUR Proverbs 31 woman is. As you pursue God, he will reveal her to you. Be a gentleman. How would you want a young man to treat your daughter? When you find her, treat her with the utmost respect. Do not violate. Do not pervert purity. Treat her like a lady. Treat her like the princess you have always looked to rescue. But first, you must know who she is. You can pray for her before you even meet her. You can pray for her even now. Purity, safety... that she would be developing into this Proverbs 31 wife for you. It could be at her greatest time of struggle, in her greatest moments of temptation, YOUR PRAYERS that save her for you! YOUR PRAYERS that reserve her to be all you have written on your list. YOUR PRAYERS are important. 

Married ladies.... Married men.... Do the same! Is your marriage not turning out the way you thought? Not all you had dreamed? God can restore it too! God can make it into the marriage you had one day dreamed it could be. He can make every day into a day you feel like you have to pinch yourself. A love that just continues to go deeper and deeper. One that gets greater and greater. Where you will fulfill your destiny together, you will create a legacy together. Seek #1 to pursue the NUMBER ONE! Put your God where He belongs, first. If you put God first, above everything else, your spouse will be the most loved and cared for spouse imaginable. Their needs will be met to such a degree that YOU didn't even know you were capable of fulfilling. BECOME that man or woman God is calling you to be. It is there, in the middle of a passionate pursuit, that you will find happiness in EVERY area of your life. 

Fairytales do come true. I am living proof. 


jburton said...


Deb Ellis said...

Amy, what an amazing testimony. I'm sure it is encouraging to a lot of people who are waiting for the right one to come along. I remember that time in your life...God was busy working in you, preparing you. Those were difficult times..but so worth it. As a parent, I pray for my children and 3 son-in-laws everyday. I also pray for my future daughter -in-law, that God would protect her, keep her pure, prepare her for marriage and work in her life
Whoever she is, I know she loves the Lord and is seeking Him with all her heart. I pray for my son as well thar God OS preparing him for marriage, to be a strong leader and head of his household to make him strong and unwaivering in his faith
Fairytales do come true and God has someone very special for my son, your brother. And it will be well worth the wait. Don't compromise, Singles. Seek after God and let Him draw you to your chosen one.
Amazing blog today Amy. How reassuring to so many singles who may be feeling unworthy and lonely!.

Dylan Barry said...

Amy, this was a truly beautiful post. It has always amazed me how God in his wisdom can draw two people together. It is even more glorious knowing that the "first love" has grown strong and vibrant with each day, finding yet another rich discovery in each other that purifies love's deep commitments. It draws my thoughts again to the glory of God's love towards his church and gives me something to really rejoice over. Thank you so much for sharing this experience. I am find myself truly blessed. Grace to you and your family.

Jesus I am resting, resting
In the joy of what Thou art,
I am finding out the greatness
Of the Thy loving heart.

Dylan Barry said...

Dear Mrs. Ellis:

I have always been convinced that a mother's love is one of God's first and finest gifts he bestows upon the child. What is even more beautiful is a mother who prays. If you do not mind, I think I would like to join you in praying for your son. I have never passed by an opportunity to pray. I have discovered that it gives God the chance to bless me by seeing His glory displayed in how he answers. It would be wonderful to join with you in prayer to again see God's glory poured out to the fullest measure. Blessings to you.

"I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it." (Psalm 81:10)

Deb Ellis said...

I believe that God lays certain people and situations on our hearts because He wants us to intercede and/or pray. The passion to see God move and be in controlof someone's life is an amazing gift and I encourage you to pray as God leads you. Rejoice with me as God prepares and works in Jamie's (that's what everyone back home calls him) life and prepares his bride. Learning to wait on God is growing in his grace. Allowing Him to prune the unfruitful areas of our lives is painful but rewarding and that is what he is experiencing right now
It's one of the most difficult things for a mother to face,yet the most rewarding.
I've enjoyed reading your comments. Thanks for being so supportive.

Renee said...

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you and this story always send chills down my spine GOD does love us and has a plan... Put GOD first, everything falls into place...!

Kristi said...

Ok, I admit it. This blogpost was so lovely it made misty. Love you sharing yourSELF with us.

Kimberly Bestul said...

WOW!!! I know I've read this before...I even lived it when it happened. It still gave me goose-bumps. I remember those TWO LONG DREADFUL years...u constantly checking the AOL IM to see if CCU Men was online. The entire experience was pretty incredible. What a FABULOUS testimony. I may potentially consider sharing it with our FCA kids. This could speak VOLUMES to today's youth. :) <3 u AJ

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