Wednesday, September 29, 2010

#78 - The Voice of the Lord

MAN! Is God amazing or what?!? AMAZING! I'm just SOOOOO JACKED right now!!!  So... let me just lay out a foundation for why I'm JACKED. :) I sat down this morning to jump into my "reading". Was getting ready to get in the Word. Today, being September 29th... I opened my Bible and began reading Proverbs 29.  MAN! God is SO good!!! I only got down maybe 8 verses or so and I heard, "Stop Reading." So, what did I do? I CONTINUED reading. I thought... hum... maybe I had some bad chicken salad last night. LOL. So... I continued reading and then heard again, "Stop reading and listen." Ok... so this time I thought. "Alright, I'll stop reading."

Today's verses.... 
Psalm 29:3,4,5,7,8,9 - THE VOICE OF THE LORD.....
So, are you just sitting there wondering? Are you wondering WHY I was suppose to stop reading?? Remember... I'm only as far as Proverbs 29... maybe verse 8. I hadn't even gotten to Psalm 29 or Psalms 59, 89..... Proverbs 31.

SO... I stopped, and obediently listened. I don't know how you do it when you listen, but I have a journal I keep with me and my Bible all the time. I daily write in my journal verses, or things that happened for the day... what I'm going through, victories, successes, maybe areas that I'm overcoming something. AND... I always write what I feel like the Holy Spirit is saying to me... so I can always distinguish between my notes and what the Holy Spirit is saying, at the beginning of when He is talking I always write a symbol that looks like an "ear", for "hearing." A "C" with a dot in the middle of it. So... I began... I wrote my "ear" symbol and He just began to FLOW. FLOW!

This is how He began.
C- MORE LISTENING. If you listen more I can tell you more. Don't get so rigid in a "reading" plan to find things that go together that you do't LISTEN. My WORD Amy, MY WORD that I speak to you through the HOLY SPIRIT is like receiving DIRECT COUNSEL. Amy SPEAK to your future. Prophesy over your life. Your books, speaking engagements, customers, SPEAK TO IT! YOU WILL call it what it is to BE!
Amy - Do I start small or big?
C- Amy, for one, START! DAILY! ...... .... I am In agreement! You PROPHESY to it and I will bring it to pass. You Prophesy, I WILL DO! .....
Then, He continued to talk to me and tell me SPECIFIC things to do. ACTIONS. IDEAS. SPECIFICS!!!! And at the end... check this out... check out what He said...
C- See, aren't you glad you listen? I have good ideas!
Isn't that funny! Of course HE has good ideas!! DUH! He has the best ideas! He knows the inventions that need to be created yet. He knows the products that need to be invented to fit needs. HE ALREADY KNOWS them! AND, HE is just waiting for Christians to LISTEN to Him so He can tell a CHRISTIAN what to do, how to invent, what business' to start, so that HE CAN PROSPER THE CHRISTIANS!!!! HE ALREADY HAS WITTY INVENTIONS READY! READY TO GO! READY!!! He's waiting for the keen ear to TAKE TIME out of the "normal" routine of daily life. Get up, get some coffee, get milk ready for the boy, write in my book, go give the boy his bottle, re-fill my coffee, grab a banana or make a shake, sit down and read my Bible, go through the daily reading plan, write the daily devotional, go get the boy up, feed him lunch.... and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! THE VOICE OF THE LORD is WAITING TO FALL UPON LISTENING EARS!!!! 
Hello! If you are out there, THAT one line was worth coming for!!! HE is waiting for YOU, YOU!!! YOU TO LISTEN!!!! We had a visitor from Slovakia today, he's waiting for YOU to LISTEN! Hey Canadians, He's waiting for YOU to listen! You over there in the UK, Australia, Japan, INDIANA, South Carolina, Georgia.... EVERYONE, HE'S WAITING ON YOU TO LISTEN!

Isn't it great that He has SPECIFIC COUNSEL for us? I mean, he went on to tell me some pretty awesome things! Some ideas that I was like, "MAN, THAT IS AWESOME GOD! That's a GREAT idea! That would be so cool!" And He was just like, "I know!" He gave me SPECIFIC things to do in areas of my life that I'm working on right now. Specifically in the area of my business that I run with my husband, as well as my "writing & speaking" career. 

SO...get to it! See what He has to say to YOU! The VOICE of the Lord is waiting for you to listen! He has some GREAT things to say to you if you will listen! And I guarantee, if your marriage is on the rocks, He knows JUST how to crack into your husband or wife. If it's your finances, He knows JUST how to open up the windows of heaven to allow finances to flow into your life. If it's your ministry, He knows JUST how to grow it, to market, to expand, to draw in the people. If it's your business, He knows just how to take it to a few thousand dollars to a MILLION DOLLAR business where you can begin to IMPACT NATIONS with your financial increase!!!



Amy J. McCart said...

I'm commenting to myself! - DUDE! That's GOOD STUFF! :)


Deb Ellis said...

Ok! I just had to remind myself to BREATHE!!!!!
Now that's powerful!

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