Wednesday, November 24, 2010

#107 - Build Your Business

Good morning! It seems like there has been a theme going on here with the Lord.... at least with the devotions the past few days. Plans & doing GREAT things, becoming who you ought to be, and today... putting your hand to work, putting your hand to the plow. 

What a theme. I know God is really speaking to me, a world of revelations and convictions, whether it is speaking to you.... I'm not sure. But I praise God for HIS Word, how it can change, perfect & help to progress one forward. It can move us from strength to strength increasing in victorious power, like it talked about in Psalm 84:7.
Proverbs 24:27 - [Put first things first.] Prepare your work outside and get it ready for yourself in the field; and afterward build your house and establish a home.
Proverbs 31:19a - She lays her hands to the spindle...
Growing up in the Amish country-side of my small town in Indiana, I saw a great deal of interesting perspectives and lifestyle. From your every day, average middle class American families, to the lamp-lit and out-houses of friends who were Amish.  Home-cooked food, wonderful bread, bonnets, dresses, horse & buggy's and the Dutch language. My middle school Amish friends completed through the 8th grade & then they were done. They were off to work at home, work on the farm, work with their parents. I missed their funny humor. I remember my small town being broadcasted on Nationwide television for having the FIRST horse & buggy stalls/barns built in our local Wal-Mart parking lots.  

Why do I say all this? Well, Proverbs 24 has always been an interesting verse to me, well.... I say "always"... it really became a revelation to Tyler and I about 5-6 years ago. Put first things first. Prepare your work outside and get it ready for yourself in the field; and afterward build your house and establish a home. 

Some other versions of the Bible say to, "Build your BUSINESS first, THEN build your house." What is the "Barn" to the Amish? It is their business, their livelihood. The community comes together for the "raising of the barn" when a couple gets married, and the barn usually goes up very quickly with the help of SO many people! Build your Business first before your home. Honestly, I wasn't to excited about the realization of this scripture. I thought, Lord, can we just take that verse out of the Bible? Arghhhh! 

So.... let it be said, we roll a good bit different than a lot of people. A lot of people may think we're a bit strange, may think we are "throwing our money away" since we are not building equity. BUT, my belief is that GOD will HONOR our willingness to stay out of debt. GOD will honor our desire to want to pay cash for a home and not have a mortgage. GOD will honor it. Sure, will it maybe take a little bit for that cushion of money to be there, maybe. But, I also believe God could just do it tomorrow. Then.... would we have been stupid for spending 4-5 year renting if we then pay cash for a home? To spend however many years it takes, and take off 30 years of house payments. 

I'm excited to see how God does it. I'm not saying for YOU to sell your house and go rent. YOU have to have your own Word from the Lord. But... like the Proverbs 31 woman, she put her hand to work. She began the process of WORKING, of allowing her actions to manifest and create for her. For Tyler & I, we own a business that we know with work, can manifest a great amount of income. (Some of our business associates/friends had a $110,000 month THIS month! That would be a good chuck of a house! YEAH?!) We know we have a VEHICLE to accomplish what we want. The bottom line, is starting with a PLAN. Having a PLAN and then allowing the LORD to direct your steps. Whether it has to do with buying a house, getting out of debt, living your dream, pursuing your calling, whatever!

Some recent and really good quotes:

  • So many people are walking around like Clark Kent because they do not know they were destined to be Superman. - Deep down, do you KNOW you have GREATNESS? Do you know you are not just average? 
  • Don't ask God to guide your footsteps if you aren't willing to move your feet.
  • If you stutter when asked, "What's your goal?", you don't know your goal! 
So many things to think about. 

Today... lots of things to chew on. Lots of food for thought. 

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