Friday, November 12, 2010


I guess it's GOOD AFTERNOON! 

Just wanted to pop on here and let ya'll know it was my DOR! YIPPEE! :) 

AND... guess what?!? THE BOY has a BIRTHDAY PARTY tomorrow! He turns ONE on Sunday (Nov 14)! WOW! What a blessed year it has been! I'm so thankful for every day. He has brought so much joy into our lives! SO.... think about Tyler Jr tomorrow. His party starts at 3:00. Yippee! So excited. It's amazing that he is ONE on Sunday! I have a ONE YEAR OLD! :) I love it!! :) AND, I get to see my mom & dad tomorrow! YIPPEE! They are coming in from Indiana! So excited! 

Here's a picture from his recent ONE YEAR OLD pictures last week! :) 

Have a blessed weekend! 

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Deb Ellis said...

Happy Birthday Tyler. Grandma loves you sweet boy!

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