Wednesday, June 9, 2010

#13 - Are you a Value Adder?

So... have you had those days? You go to bed in anticipation about a great next morning? Well.... typically Tuesday nights I just go to bed excited! Tuesday nights are great.... we have our business class, so I get to see lots of friends. I'm typically stretched in some form or fashion to do more or be more. I'm around an association of people who are doing more than the norm.... they are doing more than just sitting at home watching TV at night.... they are aspiring to be more, do more & make a positive Impact in the world. I enjoy the association, it has molded me and made me into a better person. Positive association is so crucial to our growth & development in our gifts. Recently on Tyler's vlog (video blog), he said, "If you do not know your purpose, if you do not know why you were put here on earth, get around people who know where they are going. Get around people who know their purpose and in time, that will give you a clue to what your purpose is." (Check out his YouTube Channel:

Well, got home last night and jacked to see Ms Sherrie had done all the laundry, dishes, our sheets were changed and everything looked very tidy. She has been off the last 2 weeks so we were desperately looking forward to her return. She has been overcoming a lot of bone challenges.... so pray for her to be completely well. (And... I haven't done laundry real regular for 3 years! Ahhh! I could do it again, but wouldn't be too jacked about it.)

Slid into some new, clean, tight sheets.... so heavenly, my favorite and closed my eyes as I looked forward to my DOR (for the new folks.... that's - Day Of Rest). Every Tuesday night I look forward to Wednesday, being off. Not working. Not having a list of "To-Do's". Not setting an alarm clock. Just completely resting & enjoying the day. So, here's where it started out interesting. Not good sign #1: Woke up to the boy crying. I thought... "Bummer.... hopefully he'll go back to sleep." Went down to get my coffee, listened to the boy a bit more and could tell he wasn't going back to sleep, so we'll get him up and feed him. Not good sign #2: After feeding the boy, Tyler asked, "Where are you going with the laptop?" annoyance began to set in. I'm thinking, "DUH! I'm going where I usually go." I was definitely getting annoyed at that point. Not good sign #3: Tyler talked about us needing to change up our DOR's and take them different days from each other. Totally annoyed me, but.... is totally true. (Having a child throws a whole new thing into the mix, which sometimes can make it "not" restful or relaxing....especially if you are looking to have a nice quiet time with the Lord.) Not good sign #4: Apologies. I headed outside, totally annoyed with Tyler. I thought, "I just want to start my Quiet Time and now I'm annoyed and annoyed and AHHHH! I don't even feel like I'm at mental place to even want to spend time with the Lord. Even though I apologized, doesn't mean I'm still not annoyed..... and definitely just being in a bit of a bad mood now." I even cried a little. Don't you hate it when you cry and know that there's not really a "good" reason for it?

That's where it all began. Have you ever had days like that? I left out "Not good Sign #5, #6, #7" .... thought I would spare you the ANNOYANCE of having to read!

Here's the crossroad. Road #1 - Just have a crappy attitude. "Well dang it! My day started out crappy, so I'm just going to have the rest of it be crappy. Stomp around. Slam cupboards. Not look at Tyler when I go back inside and just give him a guilt treatment. And just be mad the rest of the day. (Even as I write that, I noticed I'm typing hard on the keyboard! You know when you're mad, you slam the keys down! haha!) Or Road #2 - Realize Tyler was not trying to upset me. He really didn't even do anything wrong. Just start over now. DECIDE to have a positive attitude and enjoy this DOR. Enjoy the rest of this day despite it's beginnings.

Reluctantly, I guess I will choose Road #2. I'm really mentally having to work my way into that road.

So...let us begin! :)
Proverbs 31:20 - She opens her hand to the poor, yes, she reaches out her filled hands to the needy [whether in body, mind, or spirit].
Proverbs 9:3-5 - Wisdom... has sent her maids to cry out.... Whoever is simple (easily led astray and wavering), let him turn in here! As for him who lacks understanding, [God's] Wisdom says to him, Come, eat of my bread and drink...
Proverbs 9:13-17 - The foolish woman is noisy... calling to those who pass.... Whoever is simple (wavering and easily led astray), let him turn in here! And as for him who lacks understanding, she says to him, Stolen waters (pleasures) are sweet [because they are forbidden]; and bread eaten in secret is pleasant...
Voices are going to call out regardless. Wisdom is on a mission to make a difference. Wisdom is on a mission to allow the lost to turn down her path, to bring them down the path of understanding so they will not follow the road that leads to death. Wisdom sends out her maids to CRY OUT, because Wisdom most likely knows that the foolish woman will be yelling too! The foolish woman, whose road leads to death will be calling out, luring and tempting, "Come down my road!"

All the while, our Proverbs 31 friend PRO-ACTIVELY also reaches out. She is reaching out to the needy...... like Wisdom calls out to make a difference, to bring others to her path in Proverbs 9, our Proverbs 31 friend is also PRO-ACTIVELY reaching out to make a difference. It didn't say that the needy came knocking down her door asking for help, food, guidance, direction. Our Proverbs 31 friend chooses to be a VAR. In the "corporate world" which I left... we talked about VAR's a lot.... those companies that were "Value Adding Relationships". Our Proverbs 31 woman chooses to be a VAR. She chooses to be a VALUE ADDER in the lives of others. She isn't counting what she is going to get out of it, she is just choosing to give, to be a VALUE ADDER into the lives of those who need it. She is "reaching her hand out, calling out to those who may be going down the wrong path, and she says, "Come this way. Eat. this path."

Well... I hear the boy inside. Since my day has been a bit "unconventional"... I should probably go "play mom".

Food for thought.... 
First, Who can you add value to today? 

Secondly...what is going to determine your day? When things go those circumstances control the outcome of the rest of your day? Do YOU control having a good day, or do the circumstances control you?


James Ellis III said...

Great point sister. We need to wake up everyday and decide it going to be a great day. Its hard for people to see Christ in us when we are grumpy and complaining. We should ask the Lord to let His light shine in us every morning. Love you sister. Keep up the good work on this blog as I'm really enjoying it.

Amy J. McCart said...

Thanks JW! :) When bad things happen, or things don't go our way, it's definitely a true test to see what kind of attitude we are going to have! I for sure am not perfect yet in the area....but have gotten pretty good at apologizing! hehe! :) And true, we should ask the Lord to let His light shine through us every morning! That's a good reminder! Love you, I'm praying for you & I'm proud of you! xoxo, Amy J

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