Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So excited for my DOR today! (Day of Rest!)

Check out what I'm going to do:
.... the boy's milk is ready... fresh from the "milk spicket" :) (daddy will be manning the post), so I'm going to go to Barnes & Nobles to have my quiet time, then I'm going to watch a MATINEE!! :) YIPPEE! :) I'm going to see "Letters to Juliet". It looks so cute. And who knows, when you go see a matinee, it just makes your day happy! :) You know!?! :)

I'm excited. Better change & get ready to head out. I'm on a "time line"! :)

I did read an interesting blog post by someone else if you want to check it out. :)

Have a blessed day!
Amy J.

PS - Today I'll be reading: Proverbs 16 and Proverbs 31:10-31

PSS - I LOVE MY DOR!!! I look forward to it every week! No dishes, no cooking, no work, no appointments, no grocery shopping, no working on taxes, no "working out" (if I don't feel like it).... NO WORK!! LOVE IT! YEAH FOR DOR!!

PSSS - So... also fun news.... BABY BELLA SUE is on her way! Jill da Thrill (my sister-in-law) is in the hospital now. Bella is on her way! Please pray for a quick, speedy, free of complications delivery! Healthy baby & a healthy mama! :) So excited to meet Baby Bella! Will be going to stay with Jill & Doug for about 4 days to help out.... cook, change diapers, wake up with Bella to let 'da Thrill rest. Excited to be able to serve them! I know my mom was PRICELESS when she did that for me! Paying it forward! :)

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James Ellis III said...

Letters to Juliet was a great movie... I watched it a while back with Sharelle. Hope you enjoyed it. :)

P.S. Proverbs 16 was a great study. I ended up doing it this morning as I was in bed by 8:30 last night, LOL.

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