Friday, June 4, 2010

#9 - Your Legacy

Buenos dias! It is a beautiful morning here in South Carolina. The sun is out, the sky is blue & whispy clouds are scattered about. I'm sitting on my back porch enjoying the warm air... a green lizard is traveling down our white drain pipe, birds are the distance I hear a lawn mower, my 2nd cup of coffee is luke warm AND I have an egg & cheese sitting on an english muffin just waiting for me to enjoy it! I had my 1st breakfast with my 1st cup of coffee! :) A banana. :) So yes... this is a bit early for me to be up... earlier than normal anyways. I woke up at 6:00 this morning!!! Unfortunately not by complete choice... if their are any mom's out their who have nursed... you will appreciate that sometimes the body calls you to get up!!! 13 ounces of liquid gold later, I was wide awake and figured I might as well stay up. :) I have had a very enjoyable morning so far! Before even getting into my quiet time, the Holy Spirit & I had some very good dialog about some cool things that are happening in my life, and that are coming up in the future. Super excited about that! 

But, let's cut to the chase and go ahead and jump in the Word...
Proverbs 4:11 - I have taught you in the way of skillful and godly Wisdom [which is comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of God]; I have led you in paths of uprightness.
Proverbs 31:28 - Her children rise up and call her blessed (happy, fortunate, and to be envied); and her husband boasts of and praises her...
Let the stage be set earlier in Proverbs 4, verse 3 & 4 when it let's us know who is really talking here... "When I [Solomon] was a son with my father [David]...He taught me & said..."
When we fast forward to verse 11, it begins with "I". A father is talking to his son, telling him "I" have taught you in the way of skillful & godly Wisdom, I have led you in the paths of uprightness. I. I, the parents, the father, the man of God, the head of the house, I. "I, David, your Father. I have taught you comprehensive insight into the VERY ways & purposes of God." 
We know David as being "a man after God's own heart". Granted...David had his pitfalls. He had everything at his fingertips, wealth, fame, women, a decorated war hero & leader, in 1 Sam 18: 7 people even danced and sang about him saying: "Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands." So, among a nation, he was even exalted above that of the King! Though, even the mighty can stumble as we recall David's big fall. One day his eyes gazed upon a woman bathing naked. Not only did he NOT look away, but he had his servants bring her to him, he slept with her, he had her husband murdered & took her as his wife. So, wow! Even "a man after God's own heart" is known also for his BIG FALL!

That should actually bring us hope and encourage us. In my talk with the Holy Spirit before diving into the Word I was brought back to a lot of "skeletons in my closet".... things NO ONE knows about. Things that I am ashamed of, things that I have done or thought and would love to just hide them in a locked safe & throw away the key. One after another, these things began to stream into my head...some that I have not thought about for over 10 years. But the Holy Spirit told me, that even those things would be used to bring Him glory. Even the ugly truth, the "dirties" would be used to glorify our King. 

Well, then we come to read about a father teaching his Son.... the lessons left on from a godly man David, to his son Solomon. That a fathers teachings can be a legacy. A mother's teaching, can be a legacy. Proverbs 31:28, we read how our friend's children RISE UP and call their mother BLESSED! They RISE UP and praise her. We know that this Proverbs 31 woman & mother has poured into her children spiritual truths over their lifetime (31:15). She has led & guided them. She has been up with them in their dark hours (31:18). She has left a legacy. 

I began to think about my own parents. Like David, probably all parents have some sort of "skeletons in their closet." We all probably know our parents more than anyone... we know their faults, their weaknesses, even may know of some skeletons in their closets. But like David, our parents may just also be the people who are known to be "a man or woman after God's own heart." So, I want to leave you with just a few of the "Legacy Leavers" of my parents. 
My Mom - The Legacy of Diligence: 
Since I can remember it, my mom has always been a woman of God. I remember seeing her at night, in her bed reading her Bible. I remember seeing her up in the morning, sitting out at the gazebo by the pool in the Word, reading her Bible. I remember my mom, during my darkest times, praying for me. Praying me back to a life as a follower of Christ, praying me off the road that led to desperation. Praying me to a pure, holy & full life in Christ. I remember watching my mom as my brother or sisters strayed, and she did for them as she did for me. She prayed them back. My mom has left a legacy of diligence. The gifts, talents and abilities that my siblings and I have, is largely because my mom prayed us back. To have a brother as a Hollywood model & actor, but due to my mom praying for him too, he is simultaneously serving the Lord in such a dark industry. There are so many stories of my mom, but I believe her greatest Legacy is the Legacy of Diligence to Pray us Back. 
My Dad - The Legacy of Giving: 
From childhood until now, I remember my dad as a great giver. Every way he knows how, from every joint and sinew in his body, he is a giver. With four kids, all active in sports, I recall my dad giving his last dime to us. We would need new running shoes....our old ones really weren't that bad, but it was a new season so that meant of course, "I, I, I, me, me, me, Dad, I need new running shoes." My dad gave his last dime, probably often where their wasn't a dime to be had, he gave his last dime to us. I remember looking at my dad's running shoes. He never complained, never even said a word, but while we had the newest and best, his running shoes had holes in the sides and were scantily being held together. My dad also gave peace. He was a man of few words, but great wisdom. There was peace knowing how much my dad knew! He was a studier of the Word. He was the smartest man I knew. Greek & Hebrew, you name a scripture in the Bible, he could tell you where it was. He could tell you the history. He was the leader of our house, and that brought me peace. He left a legacy of giving. He studied, went to college, graduated with a 4.0, while having 4 children, a wife & a full time job. The man is brilliant! He entered a field because it offered the greatest financial returns for a man raising 4 children. His dream has always been to be a teacher. But, during a time that he needed, he gave that up.... hopefully just temporarily. My prayer is that one day, my dad will be a teacher. Our generation needs such a passionate, wise man as my father. He has left a Legacy of Giving.
So, what will your legacy be? Have you thought about it?


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