Monday, June 28, 2010

#24 - Political Strength - What's it mean?

Good morning! The boy has already been up & fed, and now snoozin again. :) Really enjoyed & learned a lot last night on #blogchat via Twitter. If you are on Twitter, follow me: @amyjmccart. I often post great quotes I read, updates on when I post a new blog, etc. Social Media/Marketing is here to stay, so my plan is to take advantage of it! Jumping in with both feet! :) It's a great way to pursue your passion, and learn from people who know more than you! Especially with Social Media! And, the best thing is, It's FREE! You can also add my husband to your Twitter followings: @tylermccart. He's really gifted in areas of leadership, business, entrepreneurship, public speaking, sales, purpose, passion, the Word and being a great husband and daddy! :) Check out his Vlogs via his YouTube Channel ( Great stuff on finding your purpose, pursuing your passion, seasons of growth, etc. 

Ok.... well let's get rolling this morning...
Proverbs 28:2 - When a land transgresses, it has many rulers, but when the ruler is a man of discernment, understanding, and knowledge, its stability will long continue.
Proverbs 31:25 - Strength and dignity are her clothing and her position is strong and secure; she rejoices over the future [the latter day or time to come, knowing that she and her family are in readiness for it].
I know we have looked at strength in the Hebrew before, but this morning I would like to take a look at it again. Strength is talking about: might, strength, material, physical, personal, social or political. Our Proverbs 31 friend has political strength. And right now, we need some men AND women of God who have this Political Strength! I recently read a quote that was really an awakening. Dr. Mike Murdock tweeted something quite interesting that I had not thought about, but he said "Obama's response towards Israel will determine God's judgement on America." But, this is true! When we read about the end times, we know that all will turn on Israel & God's judgement will begin. I don't know about you, but I'm excited about going home to be with Jesus. I am excited about being raptured and walking streets of gold, but I also feel like I have a lot of life yet to live, a lot of memories yet to create, children yet to be born (Trinity, Timothy & Taylor) and things to accomplish for the Kingdom. There are people who need to know Jesus before it's too late. For our NATION to have stability that will continue long, it is IMPORTANT, not just important, it is CRUCIAL that we have a person of God in office who will lead with GODLY discernment,  understanding & knowledge! 

Another reason why it is important to VOTE! Did you vote in your recent primaries? (Last week!) I wear the "I VOTED" sticker with great pride. That is part of our RESPONSIBILITY! To prayerfully elect godly men & women into office to bring our nation back to a nation that our founders would be proud of. To honor the men & women who DIED FOR OUR FREEDOM, and KEEP this nation the LAND OF THE FREE! It is not a matter of black or white, our president could be green. IF it is a godly man or woman of God who will RISE UP and STAND ON THE WORD, they have my vote!  

So, political strength. How can you begin to have it? You have no desire to run for office? You have no passion to get involved in your upcoming elections, debates, etc? Let me offer a way for you to begin to take part.

I recently got this from Founder of Outreach America, Gary Newell, and it is very helpful. What to do when fear or sin creeps up in your life.... the 4 R's. I had to do this just this morning.... let me tell you why and how to use the 4 R's through my experience this morning...

Using the 4 R's: Recognize, Resist, Reckon, Redirect
  • RECOGNIZE - Father, right now I recognize that when I heard the door nob shake a little bit, the first thing that came to my mind was fear. I repent of this fear. I had fear that some man was going in to Tyler Jr's room and taking him out of his crib. Right now I RECOGNIZE that fear. And because I recognize it, I want to thank Satan for allowing me to see that I obviously haven't totally turned Tyler Jr over to You. So, right now, I RE-TURN over to You Tyler Junior. I put him back in YOUR care! And while I am recognizing this, simultaneously, I also want to lift up to you President Obama & Lady Gaga. I pray for their salvation. I pray that they would have a Damascus Road experience. That, like Saul, who persecuted Your People, who persecuted and killed Christians, walked the road to Damascus, scales came over his eyes and he could not see. You allowed the literal scales to come OFF his eyes, and he could finally SEE! Because of that experience, his name was changed to Paul and he wrote a large part of the new testament. Right now, I send forth ministering laborer's of the gospel that will go out and minister to President Obama & Lady Gaga. That those people that go forth will speak to them and they will hear, that these ministering laborer's in their lives have great influence with Lady Gaga & President Obama. Their words have great weight to them. I pray also those closest to them would get saved and be an influence to them. Father, I pray that President Obama & Lady Gaga would have this Damascus Road experience. That they would go from not being Christians, to being RADICALLY SOLD-OUT to YOU! That they would make the sort of impact that Paul did on Your people! That they would become MINISTERS of the GOSPEL! I call President Obama & Lady Gaga SOLD OUT BELIEVERS in the NAME OF JESUS!
  • RESIST - I now RESIST Satan and tell him that he HAS TO FLEE from me! I will have no part in fear. I will not be like Job (Job 3:25) and live in fear. Get behind me Satan! I resist you!
  • RECKON - I RECKON myself dead to fear! I RECKON myself dead to sin. A dead person can not have fear. A dead person can not sin. So, right now, I reckon myself dead to this fear for Tyler Juniors safety. A dead person can not fear or sin. 
  • REDIRECT - Right now I REDIRECT my thoughts and stand on the WORD! I call Tyler Junior SAFE all the time! I claim Psalms 91 protection upon him AT ALL TIMES. I thank you Father that angels have charge over and around him at all times! I thank you that he will grow up to be a godly man. He will make an impact all over the world for Your Kingdom. He will make a greater impact for the Kingdom than Tyler & I. He will leave an amazing legacy for seeing people saved, healed, whole & utilizing their calling. He will make a WORLD-WIDE difference! I call him SAFE in Jesus Name! Thank you that BIG ANGELS are standing guard around him at all time, and that NO ONE can mess with him! 
The Purpose of the 4 R's: 
  1. Recognize - Recognizing your sin, repenting, turning this area of challenge back over to the Lord & praying for some people who are influential. Kind of like an "I fell, I lost the ball, I fell short, but now I'm not only going to ask for forgiveness & get it, but I'm going to CHARGE THE HILL! I'm going to come back fighting!"
  2. Resist - Doing what the Word says. Resist Satan and he has to flee from you!
  3. Reckon - Calling yourself dead to this sin now and in the future. It will not have control over you!
  4. Redirect - Find scripture that will back up this area of sin. Find scripture that will "counter" this area. For me, the sin was fear of safety, so I found scripture that promises safety. Now, I can stand on the WORD, which is more powerful than anything else!

A few things about the 4 R's... imagine, any time you sin, you fear, you gossip, you say unkind words, you look at pornography, you lie, women- when you don't submit to your husband, or you try to control your husband, when you manipulate someone to get your way..... WHATEVER area of sin that you may do (we have all fallen into sin!)..... IMAGINE, just IMAGINE applying these 4 R's each time you sin! One thing that I found was interesting that Gary said was that  gradually the sin came further and further apart. Gradually, he found that he was not having problems with the area of sin that was a struggle. Why? Because imagine Satan's thoughts every time you sinned and then you went through the 4 R's. Man, he gets ticked off! He thinks, "Dang it! If every time I cause Amy to sin she is going to pray radical things and salvation for these influential people.... man, I don't want her to sin. I'll go cause someone else to sin. Someone who isn't going to put up such a fight. Someone who is just going to be complacent and continue to let me pull them off the road into a ditch. I'm not going to mess with Amy. She is screwing up my plan for President Obama & Lady Gaga. I do not want them to be Christians because they have such influence." 

SO, you have no desire to be in politics. Well a few things you can do to make a difference. 

  1. Utilize your RIGHT to VOTE! VOTE for godly men & women into office. If you don't, your lack of voting is allowing men & women who are NOT of God to be in office. Don't base it upon color. Base it upon the WORD! Do they believe for and pass bills that would line up with the Word? (Abortion would not line up with the Word, do they believe for that?)
  2. Pray for those in office! - Make it a priority to pray! You are directly affected if you don't. Especially if America does not support Israel.... judgement is upon us. Your prayers matter! Pray BOLD prayers! Pray people into President Obama's life that will change things. 

PS - If you don't agree with me. I still love you! :) That is ok. Don't feel like you have too.... but boldness, truth & transparency is important. I definitely don't claim to know it all...but, I'm going to tell it how I see it. 

Thanks for reading! :)


Megan said...

For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

2 Corinthians 3:17

Thank you Amy for all of your thoughts!

Renee said...

I agree.. with this totally.. I started praying for our nation a little while ago so that GOD can take care of us all and put us in unification... Amy.. you make this world a better place to live.. God Bless You!

Amy J. McCart said...

Amen! Praise the Lord we have the Lord! We can be free wherever we are!
Thanks Megan!

Yo! Kudo's to you about praying for the nation! I need to do a better job of it! Working on it! :)
As always, thanks for ur thoughts Renee! So proud of you and who you are becoming in the Lord!

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