Friday, June 25, 2010

Welcome! :)

In addition to all the followers.... I just wanted to send a shout out to the newest one to the group, Michelle! :) Glad to have you joining us on this journey Michelle! :) YIPPEE! :) For sure let me know your thoughts as we go... I love feedback!

As for me & the boy....we are in Georgia right now. I'm a bit on the exhausted side. Just spend the last 2 hours cutting up fruit. :) We are at Jilly's... and I just wanted to have lots of yummy, healthy options for snacking over the next few days. And who knows... with a child sleeping, now was the easiest time to do it! Papa is runnin solo right now. I did give him explicit directions on what to eat while I'm gone (to make it easy, even put it all on the same shelf in the fridge!) :) I made sure he focused on what I was saying because Mom did have food ready for him!! :) lol! Funny story....we had lots of food options in the fridge.... and one day Tyler opened it and said, "All there is to eat is yogurt and broccoli." Now we have a running joke about it.... "All there is to eat is yogurt and broccoli." God placed us specifically with our mate for a reason! How did they eat before a wife???

SO... as far as my official "Friday" post... we are going to play it by ear. Check back, I will hopefully post one.... but their is a possibility that I will not. If know I'm pre-occupied with a 7 month old, a 7 day old and.... well.... just enjoying some quality time with 'da Thrill! :)

Again... welcome Michelle! :)

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