Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#6 - Awaken!

Good morning! So many ways I could go this morning. To be quite honest, I'm a bit on the edge of "righteous anger". Hopefully you will continue to read...I believe you will be awakened by reading today's blog, and hopefully be awakened to take action in some way. 

Today's scripture.... as we welcome in June 1st, we are back to Proverbs 1, and we will do some cross referencing with our Proverbs 31 woman. 
Proverbs 1:4 - That prudence (subtilty) may be given to the simple, and knowledge, discretion, and discernment to the youth.
Proverbs 31:10 - A capable, intelligent, and virtuous woman--who is he who can find her? She is far more precious than jewels and her value is far above rubies or pearls.
First of all, as I was studying this morning and Proverbs 1:5 mentioned the "wise will hear & increase in learning...", I just immediately had a rush of thankfulness. Thankful purely because our GOD loves us so much that he will not just leave us where we are. He will not just leave us to remain the same. Praise the Lord that He gives us eyes to see & ears to hear, that he gives His children, YOU & ME, a moral compass that instinctively knows when we see or hear something that just is not right. 
The cutting edge.... that is what we are going to visit today. The cutting edge. 

A few synonyms for discretion are: judgement, wisdom, sense. 
Let's check out our "Virtuous" Woman. If you are a studier of the Word, you have most likely heard the talk of this mysterious, "Virtuous" woman. But, who really uses that word much these days? So, I looked it up. I wanted some more clarity on who this woman really is.... really, who am I really called to model my life after. You may be a bit surprised when you hear this....
"Virtuous: conforming to moral & ethical principles, morally excellent, upright, chaste."
Ok... all that made sense... but, what in the world does "chaste" mean?? Give me some more clarity on who this woman is!
Chaste: refraining from sexual intercourse that is regarded as contrary to morality or religion, virgin, not engaging in sexual relations, free from obscenity, decent, undefiled or stainless, pure in style. Synonym: Elegant, Classic, Clean. Antonym:  Immoral
Whoa! May sound like a tall order to someone not walking with the Lord...or someone not allowing themselves to follow godly convictions that will lead & guide them in wisdom. For the married woman or man.... yes, this may be an easy area to follow, being "virtuous".

What can we take out of this? What can we apply. How are we being virtuous in our lives? How is your dress? I know a woman who, I know is a Christian, she's a great and fun person... but everytime we come in contact with them, my husband has to bounce his eyes. Most of the time, her shirts are very tight & she has a LOT of cleavage showing. I know I have to be on guard for my husband. So, ladies... are you causing other men... married men to have to be on guard because of the way you dress? That is one way we can practice being virtuous. Free from obscenity... so, how is your speech? Our Proverbs 31 Woman most assuredly does not have profanity slip, gossip, sarcasm, snide remarks to or about others. 
It may sound like a funny remark... but I had to apologize to Tyler yesterday. I was watching a movie with a friend, and Tyler was getting ready to interrupt and  make fun of the movie and how stupid it was. Even though it was in "gest", but I was also serious because he was interrupting, I said, "Please shut your Pie Hole! We are trying to watch this!" Yes... I partially, lol.... but, that is a great example of what the Proverbs 31 would NOT have done or said. Actually, she would've probably turned off the movie, because it was not going anywhere, and ultimately was not a real "virtuous" movie (who knows just because it says PG13, does not mean that it is up to the standards of a virtuous woman!)

Well...that brings me to my real beef! Tyler studies business & entrepreneurship all the time. He has a gift for it! He was reading in the June issue of Fast Company about the Top 100 Most Creative People in Business, well... we were very curious to see who was #1 & why. Wouldn't you know it... as we flip open the magazine, we were surprised to find out it was the cutting edge, hip-hop, great beat, fun Lady Gaga. She was given the #1 position of MOST CREATIVE people in business. Well... Tyler & I sometimes stream "fast/dance" music on our Pandora Radio. Her songs are fast, have a great beat... seem fun. So, Tyler was reading about all the innovative things she has done to give her this #1 spot. But, then... he wanted to see it for himself. So, he went out on YouTube to watch one of her videos. Red Flag #1 - You had to be 18 or older to watch the video. (Yikes! So in movie world, that would be a Rated R!) How do they know you are 18, as long as you have a YouTube profile and your birthday shows you are 18, you can watch it. Nothing is stopping a 13 year old to set up an account and push their birthday up a bit. Red Flag #2, 3, 4 - Her dress was extremely scandalous, she comes out with G-string panties, and a little bit of tape over her nipples. She is in a cage, a jail cell & then proceeds to make out with another female. 

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! HELLO!!!! Can we say AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

The teen, pop idol... fun, sweet & spunky. Hannah Montana....Miley Cyrus. Her new released video has her coming out in no less than skimpy lingerie, in a cage, dancing on other dancers and singing the lyrics, "I can't be tamed."

So... you want to know what is influencing this generation? Why is porn being frequented more? Why is having sexual affairs with someone of the SAME sex OK, or even fantasized about? 

Also, recently on a talk show hosted by doctors, teenage girls were asked about their high school experience. 13 year old girls proceeded to tell the doctors that in their school the new thing was to have a list of who you wanted to "be with", have sex with, and the goal was to see how QUICKLY you could get through the list. 

I guaranty, our Proverbs 31 woman would not be partaking in ANY of these activities. In the Hollywood or music industry, to get a "one-up" on the top performers, I would anticipate a common mind-set is, "How can I do something that is more cutting edge, that will draw my viewers in more. Something dangerous, sexy, immorally over the line."

The Calling is out! We need BOLD, unafraid, Godly Men & Women to decide to make a difference. To love more, to pray more, to be in the Word more, to change more, to positively Impact MORE! 

Well, I just want to leave you with a challenge. 
  1. Can you change something today in your dress or speech be elegant, classic, clean, chaste, virtuous? 
  2. What can you do to begin to boldly change this generation? To make a difference, an impact? Every little bit counts, YOU COUNT! Pray and see how God would direct YOU to impact others for His glory. 
  3. In the Spotlight: Pick someone in the spotlight, who is currently influencing this generation. Pray BOLDLY for them! I have added Lady Gaga to my prayer. That she would have a RADICAL, Damascus Road experience. How Saul who tortured & killed Christian, had the scales removed from his eyes. His name was changed to Paul, and he wrote a majority of the New Testament. Lady Gaga CAN be a Paul. Add someone in the SpotLight and commit to praying for them!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...


If you lived close enough I would come hug you!


As you know this is near and dear to our family's heart - this generation needs us to stand up and do something bold for their future!

In Christ's love,

Amy J. McCart said...

Amen! Thanks for the comment Jill. And I was trying to be a bit tame. :) hehe!

Anonymous said...

~I recently learned in a HUGE way that CHALLENGE #2 is my ministry~

What can you do to begin to boldly change this generation? To make a difference, an impact? Every little bit counts, YOU COUNT! Pray and see how God would direct YOU to impact others for His glory.

Thank you AMY for listening to His voice and writing this blog...it's been QUITE a blessing for me!!



Amy J. McCart said...

Kimmi! Well, praise the Lord! I'm excited for you! I have always believed that you could really do big things for God. Especially once you allow yourself to really establish some deep roots in the Word so that nothing can get you off the path God has for you. You have the ability to be a huge influence to others! I mean, heck, look how growing up you just told dad, "We're going to play catch, then we're going to shoot baskets, then we're going to go for a run." You have always had a way of getting what you want Kimmi! I'm excited to see that now it will be down a road that really counts!

love you Cambodina! :)

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