Thursday, June 10, 2010

#14 - Put the Power in Motion!

Lol! I'm laughing at my thought.... "SHE-RAH, I've got the POWER!" Remember the cartoon from back in the day? Not sure if that was really "She-rah's" slogan... but it sounds like it could've been. :)

Well... that's what we are going to be talking about today. Power. She-rah... yah since we put a Proverbs 31 spin on everything. But IF you grasp this, man or woman, you are going to experience some pretty amazing power in your life!!

Proverbs 10 this morning was pretty amazing! And... right at the last minute, the Holy Spirit directed me to a different Proverbs 31 verse than the one that initially seemed appropriate. Get ready for this one. It is pretty good stuff.
Proverbs 31:17 - She girds herself with strength...
Proverbs 10:11 - The mouth of the (uncompromisingly) righteous man is the well of life...
Man... I had SOOO many verses that I jotted down this morning... we could've went a number of directions. But we are going to camp out on the mouth... our words! As I was re-reading Proverbs 10, it seemed there was no way around it! Do you ever think, "Man Lord, you are getting a bit repetitive here. Uh... I guess you really want us to get this point??" ha! Well, if you read Proverbs 10, you may think that after you are finished. Just look at how many times you see the words: mouth, lips, tongue, words. You could go to town with your highlighter on just those words! Actually, the whole book of Proverbs is filled with the import lesson of the Power of our Words.

Our mouth in these verses (10:11, 13, 19, 20, 21, 31, 32) is a key focus! Using words or restraining from them. What is equally important is when to know the difference, and how to use them.

I flipped open my journal this morning and fell upon a page where I was writing out my prayer and on one page just a few words were in BIG TEXT taking up almost a complete page... they were the words JEHOVAH JIRAH and JEHOVAH NISSI! When I used to be a Bible teacher, we did a study on the names of God.... and how powerful they are. There is POWER in the name when you use it! POWER! Some of the most common names of God I use are:

  • JEHOVAH JIRAH - God MY Provider!
  • JEHOVAH NISSI - God MY Banner/Victory!!
  • JEHOVAH RAPHA - God my Healer!
  • JEHOVAH SHALOM - God my Peace!
Those are some of my favorites & most used! POWER in our Words! WORDS, not just thoughts, but WORDS! For example...and actually, not just for example... if you are in a place where you can pray this OUT LOUD, please do! :)
"Thank you Father, that in the name of your son Jesus you are MY JEHOVAH JIRAH! Thank you Lord that you are MY PROVIDER! Thank you that you meet all of our needs! Thank you that you Provide MORE THAN ENOUGH! Not just enough, but you are a God of ABUNDANCE! Thank you that I can not only meet my needs, but also the needs of others! That I can Bless others from our overflow! Thank you that you are JEHOVAH JIRAH of our Finances. That money comes in expected and unexpected ways into our household, that our bank accounts are overflowing (Mal 3:10-12) because we are tithers! Thank you God that you are JEHOVAH NISSI! You  are OUR VICTORY! You give us VICTORY in every area of our lives! You give us Victory in our business, in our relationships, in raising our son! You give us VICTORY in our family. You give Tyler VICTORY in every aspect of his job. Thank you Father that you are JEHOVAH NISSI! Thank you for the VICTORY in books, books, books! In speaking engagements. Thank you for the VICTORY in Impacting the lives of others for your Glory! Thank you for the VICTORY in my physical body, that I am lean, muscular & the perfect size & weight in Jesus Name! Thank you for the VICTORY to get into the 120's! :-D (That is my goal!) Thank you Father that you are JEHOVAH RAPHA over my knee! Thank you for a perfect knee! Thank you that I have NO pain in JESUS NAME! Thank you that you are THE MIGHTY SURGEON! That you are THE MIGHTY HEALER! That you are the same yesterday, today & forever! That you ARE JEHOVAH RAPHA! You healed in the day of Jesus and you heal today! I thank you that even as I sit here, you perfect my knee because you are JEHOVAH RAPHA! YOU ARE GOD MY HEALER! Thank you that you are Jehovah Rapha to both my Tyler's! That we all operate in complete perfection, that are bodies operate perfect, how you created them to function! Thank you Lord that you are my Jehovah Shalom! That you are MY PEACE! That you bring me peace! Thank you that I have peace in every situation and ever circumstance. Thank you that I have peace about my day, my husband, my son, my life, my calling, our finances, our business, our relationships with our business mentors. Thank you for giving me PEACE! I pray all this in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS.... AMEN!" 

Put some TEETH behind your prayers. Some TEETH behind what you say. Not just to remind GOD who He is, but when you SPEAK IT, you also remind SATAN who YOUR GOD IS! You remind Satan how powerful that YOUR God is and that you have VICTORY in all areas of your life. Despite what the current circumstances may say, you speak the Word over your situation! You speak it into life! You tell Satan how it is going to be because THAT'S WHAT IT SAYS IN THE WORD! When you SPEAK with your mouth & words, you begin to put the POWER IN MOTION! Their is not power in the THINKING, in the sitting, laying, pondering, wondering, scratching your head... you have to SPEAK!

Our Proverbs 31 woman, girds herself with strength. But, do you know what.... she is also human! Do you think that every day she woke up... or wakes up and feels strong? That every day she felt energized?  Can we say.... Heckkk No! I believe she used her words to gird herself up with strength! Because, what does it also say in the Word? Let the weak say what? "Let the weak SAY, I AM STRONG!" I've heard some people say, "Well, I just feel like I'm lying when I say things that I'm not. If I don't feel good, I feel like I'm lying if I say that I'm feeling well or feeling great." Tell me this... if you were laying in bed physically weak and sick would it be a lie to say, "I am strong!" No! You are confessing the Word over your life, and you are doing what the Word says. And the WORD, the Bible, above all else is the Judge. The Bible is the Ultimate Truth & deciding factor in ANY and every situation. It is the Compass. It is the Final Authority. This may help it to make sense... I heard it said once this way: "The fact may be that I have flu-like symptoms, that I have a fever & that I really haven't been feeling good. BUT Praise the LORD that I don't believe the FACTS, but that I believe the TRUTH! The TRUTH in the Word of God says that I am healed! It says I'm am well! It says by Jesus stripes I am healed, so I am healed! It says let the Redeemed of the Lord say SO, and I am saying so! I am saying I am well & healed in Jesus Name because I am getting myself in alignment & in agreement with the WORD! I am going to believe the TRUTH, not the facts." 
Or..... oooooooh! This is a good one!!!! Since Tyler, as the head of our house handles our finances, he has had to use this when we were financially not doing great. "Ok God. I am believing that YOU are Jehovah Jirah! That you are God our Provider. The facts may be that in our checkbook it says we have $12. But, I thank you Lord that we have MORE THAN ENOUGH! I thank you that YOU SUPPLY ALL our needs according to YOUR Riches in Glory and that you have that Cattle on 1,000 hills... so basically you are LOADED... So, I thank you that since I am YOUR SON, you are not going to let me go without. Thank you that as a son, since I have your inheritance, I am RICH. I am wealthy, I am well supplied. My bank accounts are overflowing. Thank you Lord that is says, The Blessing of the Lord, IT maketh rich & you add no sorrow to it! Thank you that YOU meet our needs & our bills because we are living our life for You and to bless your Kingdom! Thank you for providing!"
Everything in red, reflects back to a scripture.... it has TEETH! It says in the Word, and the Word is the final authority. Begin to gear yourself up. If you find yourself hitting the same wall, coming up with with same challenges or problems, find scripture to back up the solution! Don't say, "I'm broke", "I'm sick", "I'm forgetful." Our chapter of Proverbs today tells us in 10:7, "The MEMORY of the just is blessed!" So, you DO remember. You haven't forgotten. Your memory is JUST! Instead of: "I forgot, or I can't remember" how about, "It will come to me. It is being made known unto me. I'll think of it. My memory is just." 

Take it seriously. Put your Words to use for you today! And if you really want to get serious and TAKE ACTION TODAY, I challenge you..... either:
1) Get out a notecard or your cell phone "Memo Pad", and jot down some of these things that apply to you. ie: Thank you Lord that you are doing exceedingly and abundantly above all I could ask, think or imagine in our business. Thank you that you are bringing the right people right now. Thank you that wealth & riches are in OUR house!"
- Do you realize that YOU are the architect for YOUR life! Sure you can ask others to pray for you, and that's great..... BUT do you want to rely on someone else for the outcome of YOUR life? If you want something to happen or want something to change, YOU make it happen! YOU bring your Words into agreement with the WORD! YOU DO IT! I don't want to wait on someone else to "pray for me"... what if they forget? Do you want your life to depend on whether someone else "remembers" to pray for you? Come on! YOU make it happen. YOU! I'm preaching to myself here! Actually... this is exactly what the Holy Spirit told me before I started writing, "Amy. This will be a powerful post that YOU need to HEED! The power of your Words."- Ok... I admit. I'm guilty. I have not been very diligent about speaking the outcome I want into existence.  Calling those things that are not as though they were.  I have been lazy in this area of my life. 

2) Get out your cell phone, watch or alarm clock. Set an alarm that will go off daily, several times a day, hourly.... whatever you want, but have it go off. Let that be your reminder to SPEAK your goals. To SPEAK your outcome! Do you want to retire from your job? Do you want to stay home so you can enjoy your grandkids? Kids? Spouse? Do you need help in your finances? A promotion in your job? Growth in your business? Healing to your body? Pounds to shed, weight to permanently remove? You have got to put some Words to Work on your behalf.
People are fat because they have fat thoughts, they see themselves fat, they use fat words. You can't make a "fat-minded" person skinny. 
People are broke because they have broke thoughts, they see themselves broke, they use broke words. You can't make a "broke-minded" person wealthy. 
People fail because they have failure thoughts, they see themselves as a failure, they use failure words. You can't make a "failure-minded" person a success.
Change your thoughts. Change your words. Change your life. 

Are you going to stop being lazy about it & do something about it? Are you going to do something today? Are you going to do something about it now? 


Jo Ann said...

Thank you for your words and your works! Through your eyes I saw Proverbs 10 in a much "brighter" light this morning! I read Chapter 10 before your blog and was amazed at the power I read about and now I am "armed" with God's POWER! I had only touched on His power but again WORDS from you (through Him), heightened my knowledge. I can see putting that power into motion in a more concrete way. Today is "the" day to walk taller and straighter in His POWER and remember....
Proverbs 31:17 - She girds herself with strength...

Amy J. McCart said...

Hey Jo Ann! Thanks for sharing your feedback! :) I love it! Great thoughts and insites of being ARMED! :) Are words can definitely do a lot of our battle fighting. :)

Keep your thoughts comin! :)

Amy J! :)

James Ellis III said...

Great study & great writing Sister.

JEHOVAH JIRAH - God is my provider and He is a true blessing to my finances. I am rich in Him and He blesses me because I bless His church and am a cheerful giver to those in need.

JEHOVAH NISSI - God MY Banner/Victory!! - I claim victory in all the things I do through Him. His good and perfect will is will always be my victory.

JEHOVAH RAPHA - God my Healer! God keeps me healthy so I can train hard and be successful in my career as a fitness model. I am healthy and blessed both inside and out. God is also Jehovah Rapha to my Grandma Bonewitz, Dorothy Brown, and my friends Kolina, Melissa, & Sharelle. God is a healing God yesterday, today, and forever & I lean on Him for strenght and understanding in all things.

JEHOVAH SHALOM - God my Peace! - He brings me peace in all the decisions that I make as I make them after seeking Him diligently in prayer.

My Lord Jesus Christ is Amazing!!!

Amy J. McCart said...

Amen little bro! :) I am in agreement with you on ALL OF THAT!! I enjoyed talking to you last night. I will be praying for you. Blessings, peace, direction, purity, favor in ALL areas of your life! I love you and Tyler & I are SOOOO proud of you! It is exciting to see what God is doing in your life.

Keep seeking Him! He has it ALL in store for you. ALL good things! Your Father wants to bless you with MORE than you can even imagine!

I love you! Mwaaaa!
Your sissy! ;)

Anonymous said...

That rocked!!!! Great and powerful post. Using your words is so empowering!!

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