Thursday, March 3, 2011

#148 - Thankful

My first words would be, it's late. But... in reality, it's not late. It's only 10:37. But.... here I sit, by myself. Myself, the keyboard and worship music streaming from Pandora. Everything else is quiet. Both my boys are asleep, and I sit here, eyes heavy, but just thankful. We had a long day. A day that was a bit waited for, planned, but dreaded. A day that Satan surely meant to discourage us, take our focus off our Father, but MY GOD REIGNS! We stayed focused. When the enemy wanted us to pull our eyes off the Father, we kept our eyes on Him. When the enemy tried to bring strife over the last 30 days, we chose to be understanding. When the enemy wanted us to point fingers, we said, "WE CAST ALL OUR CARES ON OUR FATHER!"

A full day. And GOD, MY FATHER came out VICTORIOUS!! HE WON! In the silence of my kitchen, I am just listening to the words streaming.... "Beautiful Jesus, Beautiful Saviour.... Perfect in Power... Nothing is greater.... Friend of Mine...." 

I sat tonight, while Tyler Junior patiently waited in his high chair for our gourmet dinner... pizza.... I just sang and danced in my kitchen. Eyes closed, arms out, singing and shouting HALLELUYAH! Tyler Junior just looked at me. He stopped eating his goldfish, and when I opened my eyes, he was smiling at me. Maybe to young to understand what I was doing, I know that since his spirit has been made in the image of the same God mine was, he was drawn to it. He was drawn to worship. He was drawn to praising the Father. My Father. Da-da. And the day will come when Tyler Junior makes the decision for himself to invite the Almighty God to live inside of him.... until then, I plan on drawing him in to desiring this relationship. That he would see the GOD that lives inside his mom & dad.... that he would want that same relationship. To be able to cast all his cares on this God. To be able to trust fully this God who will FULLY take care of him. To experience a love, that he would love more than life.

Tonight... singing with my arms out, for the first time in a month, I feel like my brain was finally released and FREE again. What was bogging down my mind.... the clutter, the pressure.... the enemy wanted so bad to put me in a place of bondage and fear. BUT PRAISE GOD! MY GOD IS VICTORIOUS! MY JESUS REIGNS! MY JESUS HAS DEFEATED DEATH, HELL AND THE VERY GRAVE!  MY JESUS HAS ALREADY WON! Because HE has won, I have won too! I mean, IMAGINE .... Jesus went to the cross. He WILLINGLY CHOSE the cross. He WILLINGLY CHOSE death. When He cried out to the Father, "TAKE THIS CUP FROM ME, NOT MY WILL, BUT YOUR WILL BE DONE!" He cried out! He knew what He was about to suffer! He KNEW and He STILL DID IT!!!! He still went to the cross! He STILL went and suffered for YOU and for ME! For Tyler Junior! For your children! For your grandchildren! For the love of your life- for your soul mate! Jesus CHOSE YOU! Before you even chose him, He chose to suffer and die for you! Isn't that amazing! Isn't it worth trusting Him? Isn't it worth surrendering?!

I'm just thankful. I'm just thankful for today. I'm thankful for now. Even with dishes in my sink and a cluttered kitchen table. I'm so thankful. How easy it can be to forget. How easy it can be to see all the chaos in front of us, the noise of life, that we completely miss the quiet moments like right now. The moments where our spouse goes to bed, not pressuring us to hurry up to bed with them. But a moment where time stands still and it's you, no worries, an uncluttered mind, worship music & the presence of the Holy Spirit. 


jburton said...

The very thought of Jesus can lift our souls! Guess what Amy, I became a new Grandfather today! Our Son & Daughter-in-law have adopted a little Russian toddler...his name is Samuel Parker Burton...they are calling him Parker! They will return from Moscow about the 17th. PTL! It's been a struggle, but now the reward!

Amy J. McCart said...

Amen JT! And congratulations about little Parker!!! I know you and Sara are just so thrilled! What a blessing & joy to be able to meet that little boy when he gets here. And what a wonderful home he will live in, and what amazing grandparents he will have! God has placed him with a family where he will experience the true love of Jesus & grow up to be a MIGHTY Warrior for Christ! What a blessing to have you and Sara as grandparents! Parker is a blessed little boy!! To eat Sara's homemade breads! Ummmmm! YUM!!!!

Well, congrats again! WHAT A JOY!!

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