Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#152 - It PAY$ to Listen!

Good morning to you! :) It has been a pretty wild handful of days for the McCart family... but a blessed time! We left for Indiana on Friday, to DRIVE! WHOA! Yah.... drive with a 16 month old. Praise the Lord, Tyler Jr did a FINE job traveling, and surprisingly we really didn't "loose" time traveling with an infant. Such a good boy! I must say, there were definitely not as many "rules" in regards to eating as we traveled. Tyler Jr ate Twizzler's for his first time! Lots of marshmallows, string cheese, and frankly, anything that would keep him happy. :) But he did great on the 12 1/2 hour drive! He enjoyed time with Grandma and his cousin Kassidy all day on Saturday, while Tyler and I helped out some new people in business with us.

OK... let's jump into some Word....
Proverbs 15:22 - Where there is no counsel, purposes are frustrated, but with many counselors they are accomplished.
3 John 2 - Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 
Counsel. If you remember, there was a recent post entitled "Google or God?", then there was even a "Google or God - Part 2". Both discussed the overall idea of.... do I just try for the "easy" answer and "google it"..... OR, do I really take some time to seek out GOD for the answer, since he already has the answer?! Which do you do?

So... just last Thursday, one of the items on my to-do list was to go to BestBuy. In MY mind, I thought it was something that I was just going to HAVE to do. I may have mentioned this before... but IN THE PAST... Tyler Jr would find the charger to our MacBook Pro laptop and the part that plugs into the laptop, we often find him putting that part in his mouth. Yes. I know! Really great, huh?!?! Well.... I guess it happened one time to many and the Tyler Jr saliva eventually did it in for the effectiveness of the charger. So we came to a point last week, the charger did not work at all. The Mac was completely un-charged and would not turn on, and if we wanted to use the Mac, we were going to have to find a way to charge it.

In MY MIND I thought, "Well, I'll have to bring the Mac and charger into the GEEK-SQUAD and have them look at it." While I was on the phone with them, I asked them how much a charger was if we had to buy a new one..... a nice $80.00! That was very un-appealing to me! Well, and imagine this.... I FINALLY decided to COUNSEL with the Holy Spirit on the matter. I FINALLY decided to ask the Holy Spirit what I should do about it. He already knew how to fix it. So.... I asked. This is what the Holy Spirit said, "Go buy rubbing alcohol, rub it on the end and then wait."

OK... so my plans changed. I now was just running down to the grocery store versus across town. What'd I do? Purchased the rubbing alcohol.... it cost maybe $1.50 at Publix, came home, got some Q-tips, and applied the rubbing alcohol. I waited 5 minutes. Still no real progress. I was a bit bummed about that. I thought, "Well, I still have time to go to BestBuy later today." I almost just went right then... but then was directed by the Holy Spirit to work on another project. Praise the LORD for listening! It really does PAY!!! Several hours went by, I finished my other project and it was AWESOME. Then I heard Tyler say, "HEY! Check this out! The computer is charging! The rubbing alcohol worked!"

Praise the Lord! It LITERALLY PAYS $$$$ to listen to the Holy Spirit. Sure.... I believe that Proverbs 15:22 is also talking about other people being "counselors" in your life. 1st the Holy Spirit, 2nd your Christian spouse, but 3rd someone who is in life where you want to be.... and or 4th a Christian leader who you can pull counsel from. Someone who is wise in the area of spiritual matters. As Christians, it is sometimes hard to see the "forest when you are in the trees." Often if you have someone who you can go to for advice or counsel, they have a greater vantage point in which to see your situation.

3 John 2? What does that have to do with anything? Well.... it's a very important verse. Sure financial prosperity is great. Prosperity in your health is great. BUT if your SOUL, if your SPIRIT is not prospering.... if you are not growing in your relationship with the Holy Spirit.... what is it all worth? I've heard other translations, interpretations, breaking down the Greek and Hebrew..... of 3 John 2. One of them that I remember went something like this: Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, IN DIRECT PROPORTION as thy soul prospereth. So, what does that mean? That your prospered in your finances and health in direct proportion to 1st prospering in your relationship with God! In the Word! With the Holy Spirit!

While our soul is prospering, it allows us to HEAR from the voice of the Holy Spirit! For me.... just this last week, in doing so it saved me not only gas miles, but it also saved me about $78.50 in not having to buy a new charger for our Mac. I'd say that "less than" 5 minutes it took me to seek the Holy Spirit was worth it! :)

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jburton said...

In ALL things Listen AND give THANKS! Thabks Amy!

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