Thursday, March 31, 2011


Good morning! Praise God! It is THURSDAY, MARCH 31st!!! The long awaited for day has passed... Tyler & I had our 2nd audit appointment yesterday with the IRS. Praise the LORD, all went well! We were audited for 2 years! We definitely learned a lot and praise the Lord we keep good records. We had TOTAL favor and not only did all of our records substantiate our expenses, BUT THEY owe US more money! Praise the Lord! What the enemy meant to throw us off course and distract us, we passed with flying colors. Let me tell you though, I am thankful to have all of that in the rear-view mirror!! NOTE to Tithers (which should be all Christians): If you are tithing 10% of your income, and maybe even giving an additional offering...YOU are going against what the WORLD says is normal! That's kinda good news! We don't want to be normal to the world! The IRS doesn't think it's normal either, so if that's YOU... just keep good records. WE ARE GIVERS! AMEN!?!? WE GIVE and it is GIVEN UNTO US, PRESSED DOWN, SHAKEN TOGETHER & RUNNING OVER! AMEN? It feels good to be different from the world!

Well... let's get started... today... the 31st.... a great day to fully look at the life of the Proverbs 31 woman! She is so amazing!
Proverbs 31:21 - She fears not....
Need I say more? The verse goes on to say that she fears not the snow for her household because her family is clothed with scarlet. But she FEARS NOT! She fears NOT! If we made a list of things we do not fear.... what would be on the list? What would be on your list? If you made a list, to remind YOURSELF, to remind GOD and to remind your enemy, Satan, what would be on that list? What would you be reminded on that you WILL NOT FEAR? Let's list out some possibilities!
  1. I FEAR NOT my future, the goals & dreams I have. For GOD began a good work in me and WILL CARRY it out to COMPLETION! (Phil 1:6)
  2. I FEAR NOT time! I fear not timing! For GOD'S timing in my life is perfect. I am in the right place at the right time ALL the time! I am learning what I need to learn now. God is positioning me in the perfect place to accomplish ALL He has called me to do.
  3. I FEAR NOT our finances! My GOD LIBERALLY supplies ALL of my needs according to HIS riches in glory! (Phil 4:19)
  4. I FEAR NOT stagnation. I know that there is a season for all things (Eccl. 3:1) I will walk out this season of my life with JOY. I will walk out this season of my life with expectation, knowing God has great and mighty things in store for me! I will walk out this season of my life as a LIGHT to the WORLD, like a city on a hill! (Matt. 5:14-16)
  5. I FEAR NOT what my kids, my spouse, or I shall eat, drink or wear (Matt 5:25-26) I choose NOT to be anxious! For GOD clothes the birds of the air & as a child, He loves me much more than even those! I will not fear. I will not be anxious. 
  6. I FEAR NOT my marriage. I call my marriage blessed, growing & prosperous. I call it a fulfilled relationship where I am married to my best friend!  
  7. I FEAR NOT my health, or my families health! I call each of us healthy and whole. I SPEAK to our bodies that we operate in DIVINE health, how GOD created us to function. I speak to my body and any infirmity that may be there, I tell you, "INFIRMITY, SICKNESS, ARTHRITIS, KNEE PAIN, HIP PAIN, HEADACHE, You are NOT welcome! You are trespassing. You must LEAVE my body in Jesus Name! My body is the TEMPLE of the Holy Spirit and sickness, disease and pain, you have to GO in Jesus name!"
  8. I FEAR NOT my growth or progress. I thank you God that YOU place those things in my path in which I need to learn. You place the people, books, CD's, studies, programs in my path to help me progress down the path I need to go! 
  9. I FEAR NOT debt! I call my bills paid in full. I thank you Father that YOUR WORD says that YOU GIVE me HOUSES filled with GOOD things, that I fillest not (Deut. 6:10-11) Thank you for NO MORTGAGE! Thank you that you set me up to own NO man nothing, but to love him! (Romans 13:8) Thank you Lord for giving me the ability to be FREE from owing any man anything! I call myself DEBT-FREE!
  10. I FEAR NOT relationships. I call myself a good friend to others. I am a friend to them, and therefore, they are friends to me. I call myself friendly! I call forth those IRON-SHARPENING relationships into my life (Prov. 27:17)! I call forth the God type of friends that I need in my life! I call my relationships blessed!
  11. I FEAR NOT my weight! Like the Proverbs 31 woman, I am going to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT (Prov. 31:17)! I subject my body, I get fit, I get healthy, I make my arms strong, I eat healthy. When I am old in my years, my eyes will not be dim, nor my natural forces abated (natural vigor diminished) (Deut. 34:7)! My body will OPERATE like I am young, I will have strength like I am young! I choose to take care of my body now instead of having doctors to have to take care of me later. 
  12. I FEAR NOT the enemy, Satan! Because MY JESUS DEFEATED HIM! I am ALREADY VICTORIOUS NOW! Jesus defeated DEATH, HELL AND THE GRAVE so that I could walk out my life, in EVERY AREA in VICTORY! I AM VICTORIOUS therefore I WILL NOT FEAR!
Well... I think it is a good starting list! What do you think? Did we leave anything out? Is there anything that you are holding onto that causes that seed of fear in the recesses of your mind? Add to it! What else should we NOT FEAR? 

I FEAR NOT what the future holds! I will have joy today! I will have strength & power today! Because of what Jesus did, I am victorious today! THE WORD says it, therefore I BELIEVE IT! 




jburton said...

I am VICTORIOUS! I FEAR NOT! Thanks Amy and congrats on the IRS (Satan) Deal!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! I am free from fear.I Fear Not!

Tarra said...

Awesome! Standing on the truth and emotions have to fall in line with the word! Fear you're not welcome here!! :)

Amy J. McCart said...

Amen to all! :)

Marissa said...

I love your blog, Amy! I just subscribed :)

Amy J. McCart said...

So excited to see u on here! Thanks for subscribing! :) I am HONORED that Miss Mama Marissa would enjoy my blog. :) Well... be sure to comment as you read "interesting" things. Or, let us know YOUR thoughts!!!

AND Lucas is such a cutie!! So excited for you being a mama now! I'm sure that things have just been really natural. I heard Brant was just like a natural when Lucas arrived. How exciting!

Love ya'll!

Kimberly Bestul said...

WHOA AJ!!! That was a pretty amazing post!!! Thanks for the examples. :D You "miraculously" clarify what I'm thinking each time I read a post...

*right time, right place
*learn what u need to help you progress (like my current UNEXPLAINABLE interests in behavioral analysis and scientific processes???)
*claims for family healthy & financial stability
*a season for everything..
*relationships, debt, finances

I LOVE how u have also attached scripture throughout ur posts.

I know that He has something HUGE on the horizon & this is all in preparation for the MAIN event. I guess there doesn't need to be an answer or reason...just do it.

<3 YOU AJ!!!

Rhae said...

AMY!! Wow, this really spoke to me this morning. I love how you continue to reminds us with real life situations how to "walk it out Victoriously" You and Tyler are great examples on a daily basis! Thanks friend, you are truly using your strengths for our LORD!

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