Thursday, July 7, 2011

#202 - Don't Hurry!

Good morning! :) We are going to get right into the Word this morning...
Proverbs 7:21-23 - With much justifying and enticing argument she persuades him, with the allurements of her lips she leads him [to overcome his conscience and his fears] and forces him along. Suddenly he [yields and] follows her reluctantly like an ox moving to the slaughter, like one in fetters going to the correction [to be given] to a fool or like a dog enticed by food to the muzzle. Till a dart [of passion] pierces and inflames his vitals; then like a bird fluttering straight into the net [he hastens], not knowing that it will cost him his life.
Proverbs 31:16a - She considers a [new] field before she buys or accepts it [expanding prudently and not courting neglect of her present duties by assuming other duties] ...
Ok... I guess today is going to be "Transparent Thursday." Don't get me wrong... sometimes it's not fun to be transparent, but this morning I learned a lot from Proverbs 7. As you read through Proverbs 7, you see that like Proverbs 5, it discusses the "loose woman." The stage is set as an onlooker in verse 6 sees what is about to take place. The onlooker sees this young man coming "NEAR" danger, "NEAR" where the loose woman has set her trap. From verse 9 on, we see the loose woman beginning to work her "magic" on this man who has come by her house. She has begun to lure him in, persuade him, and get him to not "think" with his right mind. She is trying to get him to avoid his "consciousness" which may have otherwise led him away from her house.

Isn't it interesting, that at all levels of sin, this is what happens? In Proverbs 7:23, we see just a quick glimpse of it in two words, "he hastens." Haste or Hastens is defined as follows: to hurry, accelerate, speed, urgent need of quick action, thoughtless, rash, unnecessary quick action, rush. Let's just look at a simple example, the tray of brownies on the counter. Have you ever walked into the kitchen or break-room, see the yummy treat and in your mind you have a quick conversation with yourself something like this, "You know you shouldn't have any brownies. You are trying to drop 10 more pounds and that is not going to help at all...." And right as your "consciousness" is trying to get you away from the tray of brownies, you cut it off, grab 1, 2 or maybe even 3 (if they have carmel, chocolate AND pecans!) and eat them as quickly as you can so you can't be talked out of it. It's like you are running down the hall, trying to hide and enjoy them quickly. I must say, I have done things like that before. "Made haste." Done things that though my consciousness (aka: the Holy Spirit) is trying to get me away, I partake before I talk myself out of it because I know the temporary "goodness" that will be associated with it.

I just recently did this just a WEEK ago! I look back and think it was such a "kid" thing to do. I was part of a conversation with several other people online. I typed up this long message that I thought was very helpful for those involved. BUT.... here's the kicker.... it was late, Tyler was driving, and instead of doing what I knew I should do... I hit send right away because I figured Tyler would talk me out of sending it. "But it is so well spoken and so well written." I reasoned with myself. After hitting send, I decided to read it to Tyler. Like I assumed, his recommendation was for me NOT to send it. He played the other side of the coin, and everything he said was right. Everything he said was COMPLETELY right. After listening to him, like a dog with my tail between my legs, I knew I shouldn't have hit "send." At the time, I just wanted to QUICKLY HASTEN to send it because I KNEW I would otherwise be talked out of my well written rebuttal.

Here in Proverbs 7, we see because this young man HASTENS, though he doesn't know it, it is actually going to cost him his life. His quick decision to go down the wrong path is not a wise one. We can compare the difference between what the Proverbs 31 woman does, she acts in all situations with such wisdom. She considers before making a decision. She expands or acts prudently before moving forward with something. She is not in a hurry to just rush into something. When her gut says to hold off, she listens.

James 4:7 reminds us to resist the devil and he will FLEE from you! Sometimes that may mean, literally leaving your house, or escaping your thoughts and watching a good movie. The bottom line is this... don't run haste-fully into sin. Consider your ways. Be Prudent (wise, careful).

Enjoy your Thursday!

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Lenny & Angela Krebs said...

Beautifully written Amy!!! Thank you for this!!

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