Tuesday, July 26, 2011

#207 - Fresh Baked Brownies

Good morning! I pray your day has started off well! We are going to get into the Word, so I KNOW that is a great way to start off our day. Let's go... 

Proverbs 26:23 - Burning lips [uttering insincere words of love] and a wicked heart are like an earthen vessel covered with the scum thrown off from molten silver [making it appear to be solid silver].

Proverbs 31:26 - She opens her mouth in skillful and godly Wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness [giving counsel and instruction].

Have you ever walked into someones home and you smell the aroma of freshly baked, straight out of the oven, chocolate brownies? Immediately your mouth starts watering and you envision yourself biting into the warm, chocolate & caramel goodness. The taste sinks in further when you envision the tall glass of cold milk, sitting right by your plate waiting for you to wash down the special treat. 

This morning as I read Proverbs 26:23, I couldn't help but think about brownies. Imagine this... as you sink your teeth into this soft, gooey brownie you respond with, "Mom, how did you make these? They are so good. They have to be the best brownies I have ever eaten! Did you use any special ingredients? I've got to get the recipe." 

Mom responds back to you, "Actually, yes I did do something different with them this time. Aside from cocoa, sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla....I used a new, very special ingredient." 

You polish off the first brownie and begin to reach for brownie #2, it just seems worth it. The thought of some extra fluff around your mid-drift is un-important, you think, you'll just skip a meal or something.  

"Well, tell me! I've got to know what that special ingredient is so I can add it to my brownies! What did you use?" You ask. 

"Well, as I was on my walk this morning, I stopped by the dog park. With my little plastic bag, I picked up a fresh piece of dog doo-doo. I used about a tablespoon of that in the brownies I made this morning. It was just a little, but that was the special ingredient." 

You gasp and begin trying to spit out the already swallowed bites you'd taken of the brownie. 

The importance of our words are crucial. In Proverbs 26:23, it talks about the same idea. A fraud, a misrepresentation, a fake, a phony. It talks about an object that is covered in scum. The person takes this object covered in scum & tries to camouflage it with silver, making it appear authentic. Like kind words, wrapped in a smile and sincere eyes, "I'm so happy for you. What a blessing that you got this new car. You really deserve it." As you walk away your thoughts reflect nothing of the sort. "I can't believe she got a new car! If anyone deserves a new car it's ME! She's not even as good of a Christian as I am. I mean, I know a lot more about the Bible than she does! Ahhhhhh!" 

How often to our words and actions not reflect what is in our heart. We put on a religious spirit, to look good, only being deceitful to ourselves and others. Do we truly have a grateful heart, a thankful and excited heart for what our friend or family member has been blessed with? Are we just coveting & cursing the very blessing that they received?

It's like the small piece of "dog doo-doo" in the brownies. Not knowing the special ingredients, you eat one, go for a second, and really want to reach for a 3rd. The moment you realize the special ingredient is repulsive, you want to vomit up the very first bite. Insincere words are the same. Insincere words is like scum or dog doo-doo, a replacement, a fake. Proverbs 26 goes on to say that this person is not to be trusted, that he is wicked. 

I don't know about you, but it makes me want to be more cautious in the words that I do say to people and the attitude of my heart. It makes me want to remember that God is no respecter of persons, if He will do it for one person, he will do it for me. He is a good God and gives good gifts to His children. It makes me want to do an attitude check. Am I really happy for this person? Or are my feelings that of resentment? Instead of resentment, can I turn my feelings around and make them be feelings that will build my faith? 

God is for me! God gives good gifts! And He will give them to me too!  


PS - Thanks to the anonymous but kind person that contacted me about a few spelling errors! I must say, with a 2 year old and being pregnant, editing doesn't always happen! Maybe I should put a disclaimer on the page? Praise God with writing books I will have Editors! :) Thanks again!


Kim Schrock said...

This is so true! Thank you for sharing the Word and bringing to a better level of understanding. I will walk with this in my heart today!

jburton said...

I'll not say ANY insincere words again! Promise!

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