Monday, July 25, 2011

Publisher Update!

Good morning! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your prayers! As you may know, I attended a conference this weekend called SheSpeaks, put on by Proverbs 31 Ministries. It was a pretty awesome weekend FILLED with lots of new things learned.

My Update?!: 
Have you ever learned so much, your brain hurt? That was a bit how my weekend was at times. SheSpeaks is a weekend designed for women who are interested one of three main areas: (1) A Writing Ministry (2) A Speaking Ministry (3) A Women's Ministry. I attempted to attend the conference last year, but it sold out before I was able to register. This year I made sure to get registered while it was still in PRE-REGISTRATION! :) Thankfully I did because they sold out again on the last day of Pre-Registration!

Aside from the mounds of information I learned, I also had the appointments to meet with 2 different publishers, but actually pitched my book to 4 total publishers throughout the weekend (2 of them, in more of an informal meeting.)

  • Revel Books - My appointment with Revel went well. As we discussed my completed book, Fairytales Do Come True, the publisher said she would be interested in reading the first three chapters and going through my book proposal. PRAISE THE LORD! So, I left her with my book proposal for her to review upon her return. During the appointment, we had some extra time, so I also pitched a non-fiction that I'm working on entitled, The Ultimate Woman. She really liked the concepts of that book (it has some unique traits that make it very different from other books on the market). She asked if she could get more information on it, so this month I will be working on a book proposal to submit as well as three sample chapters for her to read. YIPPEE! :) That was a blessing! :) 
  • Harvest - I had a great appointment with Harvest, though early in the appointment we uncovered that Fairytales Do Come True does not fit into what they are currently looking for. I anticipated that because though they are interested in books on dating, they are only looking for "historical or amish fiction." She was not interested in accepting my book proposal for Fairytales, so I changed hats so to speak and began to pitch the book idea for The Ultimate Woman. She also was interested in that book and requested a book proposal. YIPPEE! :) 
  • Zondervan - This was an informal meeting where I was able to sit down with one of the publishers for about 10 minutes. She was not one of the publishers on staff that accepted fiction books, but gave me the contact information of someone on their staff which I could contact. Praise the Lord. I will be contacting her this week. 
In a nutshell, that was my weekend. Right now I'm not sure who or what publisher God has for me, but I'm excited to continue to just take the next steps of obedience to Him in this new journey. Thankfully it's not about knowing everything, but just being obedient to take the next steps! I praise Him for the perfect publisher, and for all the books He will allow me to write & publish that will add value to people. This journey is DEFINITELY in His hands. 

After a bit of an exhausting weekend, today I'm going to take my Day of Rest since I did not take one last week! Enjoy your week! I should be getting back on a regular devotion schedule tomorrow! :) Thanks again for your prayers! Continue to pray for favor as you think about it! My prayers are with you as well! Direction, joy, favor, and a deepening in your walk with Jesus! 


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