Monday, October 4, 2010

DOR again! :)

Good morning! :) Yes.... I know! "Amy, another DOR?!" :) Ha! It is kind of weird taking my DOR for last week on Friday, and this weeks DOR on Monday! Lately we've been changing things up a little bit... Tyler and I used to take our DOR on the same day.... but with a child, that is not as "restful" for either of us. SO... I've been trying to take my DOR on a different day of the week... and it usually is dependent upon Tyler's work schedule and office day's. :) His job is a blessing!

Well.... one interesting thing I noticed today. We had a visitor from BURUNDI! :) Wow! I didn't know where Burundi was... but it is by Rwanda... in Africa! That's cool! Welcome "Burundians"?? :) 

OK... well... I may finish my painting project today... maybe I'll see a matinee. We'll see. I look forward writing tomorrow! So.... this week expect something Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. We will be traveling on Friday to a conference, so I won't be posting then. 


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