Tuesday, October 5, 2010

#80 - Year of FAVOR.

HELLO! Ok.... I'm about to show my age! So... I was sitting out on the porch and reading my Bible... a bit cool, fall is definitely here. Well, I listen into the kitchen and this is what I hear, "Cotton Candy, sweet and low, let me see that tootsee roll..." Yes... bustin' out with a little 1994 tunes! Whoa! Is that aging me?? Lol! And another hearty "Yes"... Tyler and I still bust out around the house in a bit of some dance groove. (I would say "booty" music, but since this is a Christian blog, I'll keep that thought to myself!)

Ok... I'm over the tunes... I'm ready to get started!! 
Proverbs 5:8b-9 - ...come not near the door of her house [avoid the very scenes of temptation]Lest you give your honor to others and your years to those without mercy. 
Psalm 35:12-14 - They reward me evil for good to my personal bereavement. But as for me, when THEY were sick, my clothing was sackcloth; I afflicted myself with fasting, and I prayed with head bowed on my breast. I behaved as if grieving for my friend or my brother; I bowed down in sorrow, as one who bewails his mother. 
Psalm 65:11 - You crown the year with Your bounty and goodness, and the tracks of Your [chariot wheels] drip with fatness. 
Proverbs 31:21 - She fears not the snow for her family, for all her household are doubly clothed in scarlet. 
What's our overall take-away of the above verses? In walking as the righteous, in avoiding the scenes of evil, you may not immediately be rewarded with good. It actually may seem like the unfair is taking place, that you are being put in an unfavorable position by not doing things as the "world" does them. But FEAR NOT! The YEAR of God's favor WILL BE UPON YOU! The RIGHTEOUS WILL BE Blessed! God will not let you go without being blessed for your righteousness! If initially people are bestowing "evil" upon you, FEAR NOT. If you are being treated unfairly, FEAR NOT! Your God will avenge you. God will lift you up! How would you rather be raised up? By your OWN doing, or by GOD doing it? If I were a betting woman, I would bet that GOD will lift you up in a far superior light than what you could do yourself!!

A few things come to mind here. 

Avoiding the Appearance of Evil: Tyler and I have had something that we have always done to avoid the appearance of evil. When I worked in Corporate America, I often had the opportunity to ride to appointments with other Business Bankers. Instead of riding with them, I would ask them if I could just meet them there. And Tyler does the same. It sometimes seems inconvenient. People think that it is weird. "Why would you want to meet us there? Don't you want to save gas and just ride with me?" Well.... the answer was, No. No, I don't want to "save gas" and meet you there. What I want to do is AVOID the appearance of evil. Avoid the question that could raise in someone's mind if they saw me in a car with another man. "Humm.... That is Tyler's wife. I wonder why she is with that other man. He's attractive. Hum. I wonder where they are going?" We heard Billy Graham once say that he had a glass office. It was glass so that any time during any meeting, he completely avoided the appearance of evil. Anyone could see into his office and always know that things were in the "open" and above board. If he was on an elevator alone, and a woman got on the elevator, he would get off so he wouldn't be on an elevator alone with another woman. Inconvenient, sure. But.... he avoided the appearance of evil and to this day, Billy Graham is esteemed as one of the most godly men in history. 

Being Rewarded with Evil: This doesn't seem like a fun topic. When I re-read over this section in Psalm 35, I was a bit astounded by the humility of a man and how he would treat an enemy. Someone who treated him so poorly. But what a true showing of a Christian. Like what it talks about in the Sermon on the Mount, 'love your enemies.' The gist of it saying, what more are you if you love those who love you, don't even sinners do that? But, love your ENEMIES, those who persecute you. That is different! 

I was at a funeral this weekend. The minister told a story about a man back in the 1400's. A man was on trial and was going to be killed. Another man, hearing about the man, decided to walk 70 miles to pleed for his life. To beg for the man to be able to live. As he arrives after hours and hours of walking, he gets before the king or magistrate and begins to pleed for the mans life. The King states, "NO. He will be hung. He will not live. Any friend or family would most assuredly come this far to try to get me to spare his life, NO! He will die." The man who traveled such a long way on foot responded, "But sir, he is not family, nor is he my friend, he is my greatest enemy." The King responded back, "Well, with that being the case, if you would travel that far for your enemy, I will pardon his life. He will live." 

Wow! But, that in essence is what it was saying above, in Psalm 35. If you read the whole Psalm, you will hear that. Where the Psalmist was repaid with evil, he mourned and wept for his enemies. He repaid them with kindness, with love. 

The YEAR of BOUNTY: What a great reward to look forward too! This is something that I am going to claim for the NOW. That NOW, this year will be the "Year of God's BOUNTY and goodness!" That as the RIGHTEOUS, we can believe for the goodness of God to shine in our life. Sure, maybe sometimes by living as the righteous, we may be treated unfairly. As we live above reproach, things may sometimes seem unfair and not to be going in our favor. BUT, I am reminded recently by a revelation that Tyler received. What is a PMA? What is a Positive Mental Attitude? I have always thought that I was pretty optimistic, that I had a pretty good attitude. What what is a TRUE PMA? A TRUE PMA? A true PMA, no matter WHAT the situation or circumstance says, "I know that things are going to turn in my favor. I know that EVERYTHING works out in my favor. I didn't get this deal? I didn't get this sale? No biggie. I know that EVERYTHING works out in MY favor because I am a child of God." 

I had a true encounter with that this morning. Someone replaced our facet in our sink yesterday. Well.... I have run the dishwasher twice since then. And... couldn't figure out why the dish detergent was left in the dishwasher. Then I noticed that a lot of the things in the dishwasher were ruined. Cups were disfigured, some of the boys spoons were disfigured... my Camelbak water bottle- disfigured... and other things too. I was so sad. :( Then, I realized that water wasn't getting into the dishwasher. I called the man who fixed it, he told me how to turn it on, so I did. And, Wha-La, fixed. Well.... in the meantime, things are ruined. I asked Tyler, if I should ask for money to replace what was ruined, he said No. He said, what does a PMA say? I didn't answer. Partly because I was standing there pouting. Bummed about my Camelbak. :( I didn't know what a PMA would say, I was just bummed. He said, "It will all work out in your favor. You will get something even better. You'll get to pick the color. Or, you'll just get something you like better!"


Well. Bless your enemies. Evaluate, do you REALLY have a PMA? Expect GOD. Expect that THIS will be YOUR YEAR of BOUNTY and goodness!! 

Have a blessed day! :)  

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