Monday, July 19, 2010

#36 - Trust - To Do & To Be.

Wow. So... what a morning. You know "those" mornings? Let's just say it's been interesting. One of the exciting things that have happened this morning is the toilet overflowed. :) Exciting!! I mean, it overflowed! I'll spare you of the details... but, all is well, life is good and it's a beautiful day out. We are blessed! Ms Sherrie is here right now doing some laundry, so ROCK ON with that. And she loves, loves, loves Tyler Jr. Her and her husband Kevin, just love him like a grandchild. She was telling me this morning, "Please Amy, if you ever just want to bring him over, if we don't have plans, we'd love to watch him." Kevin was asking her to call me on Saturday to have "the boy" come over. He just adores Tyler Jr... and Tyler Jr adores him. It's so cute. Kevin wants to be called "Pat-Pat". So... Pat-Pat it is! :) Praise God for local "grandparents" that love your child and want to watch him!! Let's say, Date Night!?!? :) 

Since I'm super behind schedule, we better roll.... 
Proverbs 19:21 - Many plans are in a man's mind, but it is the Lord's purpose for him that will stand.
Proverbs 31:11 - The heart of her husband trusts in her confidently and relies on and believes in her securely, so that he has no lack of [honest] gain or need of [dishonest] spoil.
The bottom line is, the Lord's Will will prevail. The Lord's Plans, will come to pass. Nothing is a surprise to Him. His plans and purpose for our lives has been laid out before time.... we don't surprise him by our "response" or our "actions"... He has known it all along. It is the LORD'S PURPOSE that will stand! I heard a bald guy recently say, "Despite whatever I would want to do, I have come to grips with the fact that I will never be the star of a Shampoo commercial. It's just not going to happen. It was not in the make-up or design of what I was called to do. What I was suppose to do. What I was meant to do." And that is the same with us! God has placed in us a very specific calling that WE are called to accomplish. Our passions are a clue to what our calling is. What we LOVE to do, is a clue to why we were put here on earth. The LORD has placed that purpose in our heart... it has been weaved into our make-up... that was why we were designed. For example... it FLOORS me that there are some people that love to do things with "sound" and "light" for events. Making sure that microphone's work properly, that sound comes through speakers at the correct pitch and volume, that projectors work, screens work, that all the intricate details work when putting on a conference or "event". That floors me. That would be the last thing on the planet that I would want to do!!! I have no desire to do it, no gifting at it... and honestly, it would be very toilsome and taxing on me to try to do something like that. God did not put that in my make-up. I was not designed to be the "sound person"....or "I.T. person".  But PRAISE GOD there are people out there that are called to do that! So GOD has designed the purpose within us, and our purpose is important! We may have plans or thoughts or ideas... but ultimately it is the PURPOSE why we were put here on this planet that will PREVAIL. 

Called to cook!? The Lords purpose will stand... the path will lead you there. Called to entertain? The Lords purpose will stand... the path will lead you there. Called to speak? The Lords purpose will stand... the path will lead you there. Called to lead? Make money? Start business'? Be a mom? Be a teacher? Be a nurse? Write books? Be a missionary? House orphans? Adopt kids? Help the needy? Build houses? Clean houses? Climb mountains? The LORDS purpose will stand... the path will lead you there! Don't ignore what you love. There is a good chance that is the path that the Lord will lead you on. It is NOT an accident that you are reading this. I was called to write THIS... THIS exact blog post.... and right now at this time, God knew that YOU were going to be reading it. It is part of HIS plan. It wasn't a mystery. Before time, He knew this would be written and He knew you would read it. This could be one of the tools that gets you on the path of HIS PURPOSE for you. The ONLY purpose that will stand. The ONLY purpose that is important for you to complete. 

As a wife, it is a responsibility of mine to be a wife that my husband can trust. In Proverbs 31:11, it says the heart of her husband trusts in her confidently. Tyler should be able to, without hesitation, trust me fully. Let me give you a few examples of that. My husband should be able to: 

  1. Trust in my ability to listen to the Holy Spirit. - Tyler should know and be confident that I, as his wife and as a Christian woman am listening to the Holy Spirit. I am being directed by the Holy Spirit. This "knowing" that he should & does have brings him great comfort. He knows I am being directed, not just being flighty, not knowing what way I am going. Not wishy washy or unsure. Not being tossed and turned at the next thing I hear from anyone. He can have confidence and rely on my ability to be LED by the Holy Spirit.
  2. Trust in my ability to be productive on the RIGHT things. - Not being productive in what the Holy Spirit wants us to do leads to us doing and accomplishing things in vain. Things that don't matter. Things that could wait, or things that may never need to be done. So... as a "stay-at-home" mom... the world often views those people as, "Oh. You're a stay at home mom. (*All the while they are thinking - "You have it made then, you must do nothing but go to the pool, make lunch, eat bon-bon's, look sporty as you go to the grocery store.... you basically have a "nothing" are insignificant."*)" - IF I am going to be who I'm called to be as this Proverbs 31 woman, I am NOT off the hook for being an income producer, even AS A STAY AT HOME MOM. This Proverbs 31 MOM, was an entrepreneur. Her husband isn't lacking in "honest gain" because SHE is bringing gain in. She is also diligent and even amidst her "mother" duties, she is being productive on the RIGHT things. She has more of a purpose than JUST BEING A MOM. Read Proverbs 31:10-31. Her purpose extends MUCH farther than just raising kids, changing diapers, feeding her family. My husband should be able to TRUST in my ability to be directed by the Holy Spirit AND be productive doing the RIGHT things. For me, part of the "right" things includes writing books. 
    • A few clues that it is part of my PURPOSE
      • (1) It's been directed by the Holy Spirit. He TOLD me to begin. 
      • (2) It's something that comes easy to me. 
      • (3) It's something I have a great passion to do. 
      • (4) It's something I LOVE. I find joy in it. I find excitement in it. 
      • (5) It's something that allows me to add value to people and see a difference in others. 
      • (6) It is something that glorifies God & points back to Him. 
  3. Trust in my ability to be OBEDIENT to do what the Holy Spirit says EVEN IF it is different than what he says. - Recently Tyler mentioned some things that he wanted me to do, or that I "could" do. He was just talking. He was talking about things that "sounded like a good idea." This happened twice within a few days. Both times I had a "flag" go up in my spirit. Like a "warning". The Holy Spirit then proceeded to tell me, "Don't feel pressured to do what Tyler is saying. Whose plan are you following. Whose purpose are you accomplishing. Mine or Tyler's? Don't feel pressure. I have told you the 2 things you are suppose to be working on, continue to do that and I will release you for more things when those are completed." So, Tyler had great intentions. He was speaking out of "Tyler"... he was not telling me to do those things because the Holy Spirit told him too, he was just talking to me. I told him about what the Holy Spirit told me, and he was ALL FOR IT. He was on board. He knows if I'm working to accomplish "Tyler's Will" and it's not "God's Will" I would be working in vain. And, my ultimate responsibility is to God, even above that of my husband. Tyler knows God is first in my life, and I know God is first in his life... and we wouldn't want it any other way. The moment I became first in Tyler's life or vice versa, that would be called "having an idol". Anything before God is an idol. So, Tyler trusts in my ability to be OBEDIENT to the Holy Spirit. 
Obedience can yield $$$$. Recently, the Holy Spirit was very heavy on me and would not let up about something I was suppose to complete. I could not get away from it. The Holy Spirit would not let up. I had to turn down invitations to do things because the Holy Spirit was deliberate about me completing the assignment He had given me. He is not always that persistent about the "timing". So, I completed it and it ended up yielding us a lot of money. Let's just say about what I made in 5-6 months at my job. The Holy Spirit knows what he is doing. He knows what you will need before you know it. And your obedience to Him is ALWAYS the best thing. 

Trust. To Do - Trust the Lord. Just to it. His purpose will prevail and you will enjoy it because it encompasses what you love to do!  
Trust. To Be - Be trusted by your spouse. May they be fully reliant on your judgement and your direction from the Holy Spirit. 

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