Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Good MORNING!!! Sometimes when I say that I just want to say, "GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!" lol. Does anyone else ever have the urge to do that?!? :) It makes me laugh just to say it. Praise God for our men and women who served and are serving in the armed forces! Our freedom's definitely were not free, so I'm super thankful for those who have fought for us!! Believe it or not, the "Star Spangled Banner" still gives me goose bumps every time I listen to it!

Just wanted to welcome some new followers this week.... a quick shout out too: 


So glad to have you joining us!! :) 
A quick note to ya'll... :) ... if you have just joined us, go back and read the post, "Proverbs 31 - The How To". It will actually give some direction on how to use this devotion. Married, single, male, female. This is definitely a blog that can be useful for everyone!

Well... today I am enjoying my DOR (Day of Rest)! So yah... some people don't know why we typically take our DOR on Wednesday.... in the middle of the week. Well... let me tell you why. I know, most people celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday... well.... Sabbath... it's suppose to be a day of rest, right? A day of being in the Word, studying, reflecting, resting? Well... for Tyler & I, Sunday just did not seem like a very restful day. By the time we got up, got ready, got the boy ready, went to church, got lunch and finally ready to settle down, it was 3:00!!!! 3:00 in the afternoon!!! By that time, the whole day was pretty much gone... we had time to grab an afternoon nap, and typically had some things going on with our business team on Sunday evenings, so it was a day that seemed FAR from restful!!! SO... we have since redesigned our DOR. We like it best when we take our DOR on SEPARATE days! For a parent, especially mom, that is for sure the best so that MOM can have a break from "MOMMING" (hehe! that is a new word... yes, i just invented it just NOW!) So, that is ideal. It doesn't always work out like that, we do sometimes have to take our DOR on the same day due to scheduling... but that is just how it goes sometimes. When we do have our DOR on the same day, I usually at least try to get out for a few hours without the boy. He is adorable, but mom actually does enjoy her time too. And needs it! Do I hear an AMEN from the mom's out there?? 

So... today. DOR. There will be no dishes, no laundry, no cleaning the kitchen, no real cooking, no vacuum-sealing food or fruit (for smoothies), no making baby food, no working on taxes, no "TO-DO" list. Today, I just get to relax. Do whatever I want. Go to the pool. Read a book. Maybe go to a fru-fru store just for the fun of it. NO AGENDA. Already spent some time in the Word... got some GREAT stuff by the way.... already read in a book..... gave the boy a bottle. It's been a good morning so far! :) 

SO... enjoy your day. I encourage you to find a day that you can rest. Find a day that WITHOUT guilt, you can kick back without an agenda and just simply relax. 

Some GREAT stuff in the Word this morning.... Proverbs of the day for me:

  • Proverbs 21:21
  • Proverbs 31:17
Have a blessed day! Thanks for following!

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