Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Retired at 32 - My Retirement Video

Well, enjoying a DOR already! I actually REALLY slept in this morning & conveniently so did the boy! :) LOVE IT! Despite what everyone tells me about, "Oh, don't expect to have such a good baby next time." I REFUSE to accept that, and CHOOSE to accept what I want! :) 

Also, just watched my Retirement video again. Wow! How awesome! I sat with Tyler & watched it a second time...... I sat next to him as he just cried. :) It was sweet. Tears of thankfulness. Tears of joy. Praise the Lord for business opportunities and choices that allow one to choose being a Full-Time mom, wife, business owner .... to choose that over Corporate America. For an opportunity that frankly allows you to pursue what you love to do. For me, I love writing. And since my #1 Passion in life is the Lord, that is what I write about! :) 

(To view video in a larger & clearer format:

I truly believe, when you have done your best at your job, when you have been a performer, when you have been a blessing to your employer, GOD will PROMOTE YOU. GOD will promote you to the next season in life. Are you you stuck right now? Look in the mirror. Are you being a good steward? Are you giving your best? Do you have a good attitude? Do you really WANT and DESIRE to move on? As I have heard Mike Murdock say, when you have reached the top of where you are at, when you have done all you can do and given your best... that is when God can promote you. 

Do your best. Be a blessing. I am so thankful that I left my job as a blessing. It is a good feeling, and one that I will live with forever. :)

Enjoy this video. I enjoy every day of the life!


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